2,2A Temp Controller WTC3243

 2,2A Temp Controller WTC3243 Wavelength Electronics
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The WTC3243 is a compact, analog PI (Proportional, Integral) control loop circuit... more
Product information "2,2A Temp Controller WTC3243"

The WTC3243 is a compact, analog PI (Proportional, Integral) control loop circuit optimized for use in ultrastable thermoelectric temperature control applications. It easily handles variable operating conditions with a stability of better than 0.0009 ºC. The temperature setpoint is set by a remote voltage signal. It is capable of controlling both thermoelectric and resistive heaters, and only five external resistors are needed to optimize the controller for your specific application. The WTC3293 Evaluation Board is available to quickly integrate the WTC3243 into your system and can be optimized for sensor type. Use the adjustable trimpots to configure heat and cool current limits, proportional gain, and integrator time constant.

The robust and reliable WTC3243 has been designed into electro-optical systems, airborne instrumentation, spectroscopic monitors, and medical diagnostic equipment. It is particularly well-suited to applications where temperature is scanned across ambient.

Key Features

  • Linear PI Control Stability of 0.0009°C
  • Heat and Cool Current Limits
  • Adjustable Sensor Bias Current
  • Drive ±2.2 A of TEC or Resistive Heater Current
  • Small Size of 1.3" X 1.28" X 0.313"
  • Supports Thermistors, RTDs, and IC Sensors
  • Single Supply Operation: +5 V to +30 V
  • 14-pin DIP PCB Mount
  • Monitor Actual Temperature
  • Quickly and easily integrated with WTC3293 Evaluation Board
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