WTW002 Thermal Washers

WTW002 Thermal Washers Wavelength Electronics
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Thermal Washers for PDIP14 Package; Use With WTCP5V5A, WTC3243, WHY5640 and WLD3343 Driver... more
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Thermal Washers for PDIP14 Package; Use With WTCP5V5A, WTC3243, WHY5640 and WLD3343 Driver Series

The WTW002 series are thermal washers designed to go between the WHS302 heatsink and one of Wavelength Electronics’ WTCP5V5AWTC3243 or WHY5640 TEC driver series or the WLD3343 laser diode driver series to help improve heat dissipation, protect the modules from over-heating and extend the operating temperature range.

Shaped to match the Power DIP 14 (PDIP14) package of the WLD laser diode driver series and the WHY/WTC TEC driver series, the WTW002 thermal washers are made of a non-silicone, flexible graphite material and do not break down or out-gas under high heat conditions. We recommend that you install the adhesive side to the heatsink.

One side has adhesive to ensure contact to the heatsink. When positioned between the PDIP14 package and heatsink, the WTW002 thermal washers will provide optimum thermal conductivity as high as 5 W/mK.

Wavelength Electronics’ WEV3xx thermal solution kits combine the WTW002 thermal washer, the WHS302 heatsink and a screw kit. In addition to that, WEV301 includes a +5 V WXC303 fan, while WEV302 includes a +12 V WXC304 fan.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Graphite
  • Adhesive Backing
  • Thermal Conductivity up to 5 W/mK
  • Extends the Safe Operating Area of WLD, WTC, WHY

Applications: Improve Heat Dissipation With WTCP5V5A, WTC3243 or WHY5640 TEC Driver Series or the WLD3343 Laser Diode Driver Series

Product Group: Thermal Washers
Manufacturer Series Name: WTW002
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