WTC3293 Evaluation Board

WTC3293 Evaluation Board Wavelength Electronics
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The WTC3293 evaluation board is used with following temperature controllers from... more
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The WTC3293 evaluation board is used with following temperature controllers from Wavelength Electronics: WTC3243 or WTC3243HB. Drive current to a thermoelectric or resistive heater and control temperature using thermistors, 100 Ω Platinum RTDs or linear temperature sensors such as the LM335 or the AD590. Onboard switches, connectors, and trimpots make configuration and operation simple. Configurable jumpers and switches optimize use of the sensor signal. Temperature setpoint can be adjusted using the onboard trimpot or a remote voltage signal. Proportional and Integrator Time Constants are adjustable via onboard trimpots. The datasheet offers guidance for what settings to start with depending on your sensor and load. Use the onboard enable switch or a remote enable voltage. Heating and cooling limits are set independently using onboard trimpots. Power it through the terminal strip or using the 2.5 mm circular connector and the PWRPAK-5V, PWRPAK-7V, PWRPAK-9V, or PWRPAK-12V power supplies. Setpoint monitor, Actual Temperature monitor, as well as limit monitors are on one terminal strip. Load and sensor pins are on a second terminal strip. An onboard fan connection can power a WXC303 or WXC304 (+5 V or +12 V DC fan) attached to a WHS302 heatsink.

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