MPT10000 Rev G TEC Driver

MPT10000 Rev G TEC Driver Wavelength Electronics
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10 A; 1 channel; 15 V; The robust MPT series circuitry achieves 0.0005°C temperature... more
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10 A; 1 channel; 15 V;

The robust MPT series circuitry achieves 0.0005°C temperature stability. It is a chassis mount package with cabling to the male DSub15 connector available: WCB101. The MPT10000 drives up to 10 A for either Thermoelectrics (bipolar) or Resistive Heaters (unipolar).

This temperature controller interfaces with virtually any type of temperature sensor. An onboard sensor bias current source can drive thermistors, RTDs, or the LM335. For current sensors like the AD590, simply bias it and drive it into the sensor input. A trimpot adjusts the Proportional Gain (P). A fixed Integrator Time Constant (I) capacitor can be custom fit to your application to optimize temperature overshoot and stability. Another trimpot adjusts the setpoint temperature. You can use a remote signal (D-to-A, or remote trimpot, for example) with the external analog input to control the operating temperature. Up to 25 V can be delivered to the load with 30 V input. Heatsinking then becomes critical and a Safe Operating Area tool is available to make sure you don’t exceed the maximum internal power dissipation of the package. Monitor pins bring out both Setpoint and Actual temperature signals. Current limit is set via a single-turn trimpot under the cover.

Product Group: TEC Controllers
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