WTC32ND TEC Temperature Controllers

WTC32ND TEC Temperature Controllers Wavelength Electronics
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Output Current TEC ±2.2 A; PCB Mount; Supply Voltage 5-30 VDC; Temperature Stability 0.0009°C... more
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Output Current TEC ±2.2 A; PCB Mount; Supply Voltage 5-30 VDC; Temperature Stability 0.0009°C

With its compact design, Wavelength Electronics’ WTC32ND series of component type TEC temperature controllers achieves 0.0009 °C temperature stability. Its award winning package can be integrated with a heatsink, thermal washer and fan for easy prototyping. The linear, PI control loop offers maximum stability, while the bipolar current source has been designed for higher efficiency.

The WTC32ND series is the new version of the discontinued WTC3243 series of TEC temperature controllers.

The WTC32ND series drives up to 2.2 A for either thermoelectrics (bipolar) or resistive heaters (unipolar). With the WTC32ND-HB, a model compatible with Li-ion batteries is available.

The WTC32ND-EV evaluation board is available to quickly integrate the WTC32ND series into your system and can be optimized for sensor type. Use the adjustable trimpots to configure heat and cool current limits, proportional gain, and integrator time constant. Wavelength provides the free LabVIEW Virtual Instrument executable file for use with the WTC32ND-EV evaluation board. The source code for the LabVIEW Virtual Instrument module is available for free in case you wish to modify the program yourself. Alternately, Wavelength can customize the Virtual Instrument to suit your application – contact an AMS Technologies sales engineer for assistance.

The WTC32ND series of TEC temperature controllers is easily configured for any design. A circuit calculator tool speeds selection of external component values. Virtually any type of temperature sensor can be used with it and a built-in sensor bias current source simplifies use with resistive temperature sensors. The proportional gain (P) and (I) integrator time constants are set by external resistors and can be modified to optimize temperature overshoot and stability.

Other features offer added flexibility. Independent heat and cool current limits are set by single resistors. An onboard reference voltage simplifies potentiometer control of the temperature setpoint. You can also choose to operate remotely with an external setpoint voltage. Monitor actual sensor voltage at pin 9.

If you do not need all the features of the WTC32ND, the WHY56ND series of TEC drivers is a lower cost solution that does not incorporate remote voltage control and temperature monitor and requires external circuits to operate anything other than resistive sensors. Two or more WHY56NDs can be used together for more output current. NOTE: The WHY56ND and WTC32ND do NOT have the same pin configuration.

Free, effective and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard products can be easily modified to meet your application requirements. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies temperature controller experts to discuss your customized solution!

Key Features:

  • Component Type, DIP PCB Mounting
  • Operates With 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery (WTC32ND-HB)
  • 14-pin DIP Size: 33 x 32 x 8 mm
  • Drive ±2.2 A of TEC or Resistive Heater Current
  • +5 V to +30 V Single Supply Operation
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 9 W
  • Compatible With Multiple Sensors
  • Linear PI Control Stability: 0.0009 °C
  • Supports Thermistors, RTDs and IC Sensors
  • PI Controller Minimizes Overshoot and Time to Temperature
  • Adjustable Sensor Bias Current Optimizes Sensor Feedback Voltage
  • Can Operate With Unipolar Current for Resistive Heaters
  • Heat and Cool Current Limits
  • Monitor Actual Temperature
  • Quickly and Easily Integrated With WTC32ND-EV Evaluation Board

Applications: Where Temperature is Scanned Across Ambient; Handheld Electro-optical Systems; Eye-safe Atmospheric Lidar; Airborne Instrumentation; Raman Spectrometers; Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Product Group: TEC Temperature Controllers
Manufacturer Series Name: WTC32ND
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