LFI3751 TEC Temperature Controllers

LFI3751 TEC Temperature Controllers Wavelength Electronics
  • SW10825
Output Current TEC ±5 A; Benchtop or Rack Mount; Supply Voltage 115/230 VAC; RS232, USB... more
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Output Current TEC ±5 A; Benchtop or Rack Mount; Supply Voltage 115/230 VAC; RS232, USB Communication Interface; Temperature Stability 0.001 °C

Wavelength Electronics’ LFI3751 series are high-performance instrument type temperature controllers with Autotune PID. Drive up to ±5 A to either thermoelectrics (TECs) or resistive heaters (RH) with up to 8 V compliance. This instrument operates from AC (115/230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz). Expect stability as good as 0.001 °C with thermistors. Even across ambient, this PID controller maintains precision temperature.

From the front panel, adjust temperature limits, current limits, setpoint, PID control values, sensor calibration data, and enable or disable output current. An external analog setpoint input is via BNC on the rear panel (LFI3751 ANALOG version only). The 4-digit display shows actual or setpoint temperature or resistance, output current and voltage.

The LFI3751 series offers unique features. Autotune PID is a sophisticated algorithm for optimizing the PID control parameters to your load. With the touch of a button, the LFI3751 automatically optimises control settings for most thermal loads, reducing overshoot or improving temperature stability.

Autoranging sensor bias currents keep your sensor voltage in the optimal range for maximum signal to noise ratio. It comes with addressable RS232, and USB control is available with an adapter cable. Free LabVIEW drivers simplify computer control. Benchlink software simulates the front panel control from your PC.

Sensor calibration is easy with a reference right on the front panel. For example, to calibrate your thermistor, simply enter three data points from the Resistance vs. Temperature curve. The LFI3751 calculates the Steinhart-Hart coefficients and displays either actual temperature or sensor resistance. Also, view thermoelectric current and voltage and limit current settings.

A digital PID option is available in the LFI3751 DIGITAL temperature controller. This option provides better set point resolution and stability with low-resolution sensors such as RTDs as well as improved overshoot suppression, 50% faster settling times and faster calibration.

When controlling laser diode temperature, the LDMOUNT-5A, a 14-pin butterfly laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking, is available for simple connections between the LFI3751 series and the laser.

Wavelength also offers the TC LAB series of temperature control instruments with higher current and voltage capacity, a touchscreen interface, IntelliTune PID control optimization, and better stability.

Free, effective and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard products can be easily modified to meet your application requirements. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies temperature controller experts to discuss your customized solution!

Key Features:

  • Instrument Type, Benchtop
  • Drive ±5 A of TEC or RH Current
  • Can Operate With Unipolar Current for Resistive Heaters
  • Power Supply: 115/230 VAC, 60/50 Hz
  • Supports Thermistors, RTDs, IC Sensors
  • Easy Sensor Calibration
  • Remote Analog Setpoint Input (ANALOG Version Only)
  • PID Controller with Autotune Minimizes Overshoot and Time to Temperature
  • Digital PID Improves Stability for RTDs (DIGITAL Version Only)
  • Addressable RS-232 or USB Interface
  • Free LabVIEW Drivers or Benchlink Software
  • Linear Temperature Stability: 0.001 °C
  • Stability Across Ambient: 0.001°C (10 kΩ Thermistor at +25 °C) Over 1 h – Ideal for Scanning Applications
  • Autoranging Sensor Bias Current Optimizes Sensor Feedback Voltage
  • Heat and Cool Current Limits
  • High and Low Temperature Limits

Applications: Temperature Control With Thermoelectrics or Resistive Heaters in Benchtop Laboratory Environments

Product Group: Temperature Controllers
Manufacturer Series Name: LFI3751
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