DGD-1000 PMD Source

DGD-1000 PMD Source General Photonics
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DGD Range 0-200, 0-44 ps; DGD Resolution 0.2 ps; Single Band C, L, O, Dual Band CL; Max. IL 3.5... more
Product information "DGD-1000 PMD Source"

DGD Range 0-200, 0-44 ps; DGD Resolution 0.2 ps; Single Band C, L, O, Dual Band CL; Max. IL 3.5 dB; Max. PDL 0.3 dB; RL >50 dB

Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) can seriously degrade the quality of high-speed fiber-optic data transmission. High-speed transceivers must meet stringent standards for PMD tolerance.

General Photonics’ DGD-1000 PMD Source/Emulator accurately and repeatably generates both high and low values of differential group delay (DGD) or first-order PMD. Both the DGD and PDL are very stable over time and wavelength within the performance band.

The DGD-1000 PMD source/emulator is available in different versions to accommodate the need for different wavelengths and DGD ranges.

Key Features:

  • Generates Differential Group Delay DGD up to 400 ps
  • DGD Range: 0 to 200 ps, 0 to 400 ps
  • DGD Resolution: 0.2 ps
  • DGD Change Rate: Up to 64 ps/s
  • Wavelength Range Single Band: C Band, L Band or O Band
  • Wavelength Range Dual Band: CL Bands
  • Insertion Loss (IL): ≤3.5 dB
  • Very Low Insertion Loss (IL) Variation Over DGD Range: 0.1 dB typ.
  • Very Low Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL) Over DGD Generation Range: 0.3 dB max., 0.1 dB typ.
  • Return Loss: >50 dB
  • Slow SOP Variation: <1 rad/min
  • Small DGD Variation Over Time: <0.1 ps Over 8 Hours
  • Extended Version Can Cover up to 600 ps as Special Order

Applications: System PMD Tolerance Testing; 1st Order PMD Performance Simulation

Product Group: PMD Source
Manufacturer Series Name: DGD-1000
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