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2D Mode Solver Software Interfiber Analysis
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Wavelength Band UV-SWIR, 400-2150 nm; Scalar FEM Numerical Engine; Solution in Seconds; ASCII... more
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Wavelength Band UV-SWIR, 400-2150 nm; Scalar FEM Numerical Engine; Solution in Seconds; ASCII Fiber Profile Input & Data Output; System Requirements 64-bit MS Windows

Based on fiber refractive index profile data, Interfiber Analysis’ “2D Mode Solver” software package computes guided modes and mode properties, fiber bending/coiling effects, as well as mode coupling at splices. The software tool can analyze either 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional fiber index data so it can quantify the impact of any asymmetries in the fiber index profile.

With this tool, you can:

  • Compute 2-dimensional fiber modefields and mode properties
  • Predict mode coupling at fiber splices
  • Model fiber bending effects
  • Quantify impact of index profile asymmetries
  • Determine overlap between modes and cores
  • Analyze fiber, preform, or synthetic index profiles

These capabilities make the software particularly useful for customers working with high-power optical fibers. It is not only useful for existing IFA-100 users (who can use it to compute modes based on their IFA-100 data,) but also for those who use other equipment as it can be applied to fiber index data from other measurement devices (including preform profilers).

This very attractively priced software tool runs on MS Windows 64-bit computers, and unlike other competing software packages, we offer multiple licenses at the customer location for the price of a single purchase.

Key Features:

  • System Requirements: MS Windows 64-bit Computer
  • Numerical Engine: Scalar Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Wavelength Band: UV to SWIR (400 nm to 2150 nm)
  • Solution Domain: 140 µm Diameter Disk
  • Solution Time: Seconds
  • Fiber Profile Input: ASCII Text Files (1- and 2-dimensional)
  • Data Output: ASCII Text, PNG or PDF Images
  • Computed Mode Properties: Electric Field, Optical Intensity, Effective Index, Group Index, Dispersion, Mode Field Diameter, Effective Area

Applications: Computing of Guided Modes, Mode Properties, Fiber Bending/Coiling Effects, Mode Coupling at Splices

Product Group: 2D Mode Solver Software
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