VXP Variable Optical Attenuators

VXP Variable Optical Attenuators Sercalo Microtechnology
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MEMS-based, Pigtail Style, Reflection Mode; Single/Dual Types; Fiber Type SMF28; 1240 to 1640... more
Product information "VXP Variable Optical Attenuators"

MEMS-based, Pigtail Style, Reflection Mode; Single/Dual Types; Fiber Type SMF28; 1240 to 1640 nm; Attenuation up to 30 dB

Sercalo Technology’s VXP series of miniature MEMS variable optical attenuators (VOAs) comes in a very small package and is ideally suited for integration in subsystems, where cost, size and performance are the most critical factors. The non-latching attenuators work in reflection mode and allow for continuous adjustment of the attenuation with a 0 to 5 V control voltage.

The VXP variable optical attenuators are composed of an optical subsystem and an electrical driver interface. The highly reliable attenuation mechanism is based on a micromechanical shutter - a silicon MEMS chip, on which a mirror can be moved in and out of the optical path by electrostatic actuation – and features below 20 ms response time and below 1.0 dB insertion loss. The VXP series of miniature VOAs is available in single (VXP1) and dual (VXP2) variants. The plastic package is one of the smallest in the industry and optimized for low cost production while maintaining high reliability comparable to a solid-state device. The component is designed to meet Telcordia 1221 quality standards.The standard VXP attenuator achieves minimum insertion loss at 0 V input voltage. When power is removed, the insertion loss is roughly 0.5 dB higher than the minimum insertion loss (at 0 V when power is on).

Key Features:

  • Small Size (23 x 10 x 6 mm)
  • Low PDL
  • Very Fast
  • 0 to 5 V Control
  • Single or Dual Channel

Applications: Power Management in DWDM Transceivers; Amplifier Gain Control; Optical Subsystems; Array Integration

Product Group: Variable Optical Attenuators
Manufacturer Series Name: VXP
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