SUPERSCAN 2-Axis Deflection Units

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Optical Deflection ±0.393 rad; Processing Speed 25-200 rad/s; Positioning Speed 25-200 rad/s;... more
Product information "SUPERSCAN 2-Axis Deflection Units"

Optical Deflection ±0.393 rad; Processing Speed 25-200 rad/s; Positioning Speed 25-200 rad/s; Input Aperture 7-30 mm; Digital Control via SL2-100 or XY2-100 Protocol

The innovative thermal management and modular design make Raylase’s SUPERSCAN 2-axis deflection units the perfect solutions for demanding laser applications.

The “enhanced” option of the SUPERSCAN IIE models offers a 50 % better long-term drift performance. Long-term drift can even be further minimized by an additional water tempering. The SUPERSCAN IIE deflection units are compatible to the XY2-100 standard protocol. They can be digitally controlled by a control card, such as the SP-ICE-1 PCIe PRO.

The SUPERSCAN IV‘s model-based, digital regulation offers extremely dynamic responses and final speeds, which really come into play when used in MOTF-applications (Marking-and-processing-On-The-Fly) in conjunction with one of Raylase’s linear translator modules. The robust, water-cooled master block design, combined with optional air flushing, enables applications at up to 6 kW laser power.

The High-power welding module with the digitally controlled SUPERSCAN IV-30 2-axis deflection unit can be quickly and easily integrated into new or existing machine and production lines. This module with infrared (or, alternatively, green or blue) wavelength is an established piece of laser welding technology based on F-Theta lenses. With the High-power welding module, you, as a machine and plant manufacturer or integrator, are ideally positioned to meet customer requirements for very high laser power outputs with 100% process reliability.

This cost-efficient, modular laser welding application is ideally suited to industrial applications with a specified laser working field of up to 300 x 300 mm. These include, for example, welding of battery cell covers or tab welding, i.e. welding of cell contact surfaces made of aluminium or copper plates. The High-power welding module uses remote welding in combination with a robot. Deflection units with apertures of 20 to 30 mm ensure top-quality results during laser welding of metals and plastics.

A fully digital feedback control electronics inside the SUPERSCAN V models provides excellent dynamics and continuous monitoring of e.g. the position of the mirrors and their speed. Depending on the applied protocol (SL2-100 or XY2-100), the mirrors can be positioned with a resolution of up to 20 Bit. Thanks to the enormous acceleration and maximum speed of the digital galvanometers, the SUPERSCAN V also performs laser jobs with sharp edges extremely fast and precise.

Lenses, objectives with optimized mounts, protective glass, and scan mirror substrates and coatings are available for all typical laser types, wavelengths, power densities, focal lengths, working fields and processing areas. The control electronics of SUPERSCAN IV and V were designed to be flexible to enable the configuration of additional sets of control parameters (tuning options). Customer specific configurations are also possible – get in touch with AMS Technologies to discuss your project’s requirements!

Key Features:

  • Lowest Drift Values Through Twin-shell Design
  • Suitable for High-power Applications
  • Water Tempering and Air Flushing Options
  • Reduced Power Loss & Heat Development Due to Digital PWM Output Stages (SUPERSCAN IV)
  • Dynamic Response & High Speed for Maximum Productivity in MOTF Applications (SUPERSCAN IV)
  • High-speed Scanning up to 66 m/s to Ensure High Throughput >3600 Wafers per Hour (SUPERSCAN IV SOLAR)
  • High Accuracy <±15 µm to Ensure High Cell Efficiency (SUPERSCAN IV SOLAR)
  • Minimal Drift and Extremely Low Noise Due to Digital Encoder Technology (SUPERSCAN V)
  • Extreme Accelleration and Precise Laser Guidance for Sharp Corners and Edges (SUPERSCAN V)
  • Wide Range of Mirror Substrates and Coatings for Diverse Applications
  • “Enhanced“ Option for 50 % Improved Long-term Drift (SUPERSCAN IIE)
  • Available Input Apertures: 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 mm
  • Control: Via SL2-100 Protocol 20 Bit or XY2-100 Protocol 16 Bit (Depending on Model)
  • Optical Deflection (typ.): ±0.393 rad
  • Resolution XY2-100, 16 Bit: 12 µrad
  • Resolution SL2-100, 20 Bit: 0.76 µrad (SUPERSCAN IV)
  • Repeatability (RMS): <0.4, <2 µrad
  • Position Noise (RMS): <2.0 to <10 µrad
  • Max. Temperature Drift: 8, 15 ppm/K Gain, 10, 15 µrad/K Offset
  • Long-term Drift (8 h): <50 to <150 µrad, <30 to <100 µrad (Water Tempering)
  • Beam Displacement: 9.0 to 35.98 mm
  • Acceleration Time: 0.19 to 0.90 ms
  • Writing Speed: 350 to 900 cps
  • Processing Speed: 25 to 200 rad/s
  • Positioning Speed: 25 to 200 rad/s
  • Tracking Error: 0.10 to 400 ms (SUPERSCAN IV)
  • Step Response Time (@1% of Full Scale): 0.33 to 1.2 ms (SUPERSCAN IV)
  • Power Supply: ±15 to ±18 VDC, 3 A RMS, max. 10 A (SUPERSCAN IIE), +30/+48 VDC, 2 A RMS, max. 5 A (SUPERSCAN IV, V)
  • Temperature Range: +15°C to +35°C
  • Protection: IP64 (SUPERSCAN IV), IP 65 (SUPERSCAN V)
  • Dimensions: 135.0 x 97.0 x 102.0 mm to 203.0 x 159.0 x 160.5 mm
  • Weight (w/o Objective): Approx. 1.6 to 5.9 kg

Applications: Scribing; Marking; Ablation; Welding; ITO Structuring; Wafer Structuring in the Solar Industry; Drilling or Structuring of Semiconductor Wafers, Medical Products and Security Features of Documents and Chip Cards; Ag Patterning; Perforation and Cutting of Plastic Sheets and Paper Webs

Product Group: 2-Axis Deflection Units
Manufacturer Series Name: SUPERSCAN
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