mAC-KITs mini Air Cooling Kits

mAC-KITs mini Air Cooling Kits AMS Technologies
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Compressor-based and Peltier-based Cabinet Coolers; Cooling Capacity 400, 460 W; Power Supply... more
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Compressor-based and Peltier-based Cabinet Coolers; Cooling Capacity 400, 460 W; Power Supply 24 VDC, 13, 43 A; Orientation Flush Mount, Any; External Temperature Range +10-+50°C, -40-+70°C; Protection Level Ambient Side IP65

AMS Technologies provides miniature air cooling kits that allow customers to evaluate cabinet cooling solutions with up to 460 W cooling capacity, as well as a miniature, compressor-based air cooler with 400 W cooling capacity.

Our mAC-C-400-24 mini Air Cooler is a compact, compressor-based cabinet cooler for cooling capacities up to 400 W that takes over where Peltier isn’t powerful enough. Its integrated controller drives the speed of the miniature rotary compressor to maintain the set temperature to within ±0.05 K. A powerful fan moves the cabinet internal air at 130 m³/h. The external fan is PWM speed controlled for noise reduction. Miniature rotary compressors as well as customized condensers and evaporators significantly reduce size and weight compared to Peltier-based cabinet coolers, while providing a highly efficient vapor compression circuit.

The mAC-C-400-24 can be operated on the cabinet’s 24 VDC voltage rail, independent of mains voltage or frequency. And the mAC-C-400-24 is “IoT ready” – an integrated Ethernet interface allows remote access to system parameters as well as remote control of the cooling system via web browser.

Our mAC-T-460-24-KIT mini Air Cooling Kit, a powerful thermoelectric cabinet cooler development kit, is the optimal solution for harsh environments where compressor-based coolers cannot withstand high temperatures, shock and vibration or operation on moving or turning equipment.

The Peltier modules can be operated up to 36 VDC when necessary. At nominal 24 VDC and +35°C/+35°C (ambient/internal), the unit reaches a cooling capacity of 460 W and a coefficient of performance (COP) of 0,55.

Your customized mAC-KIT: For customer requirements that cannot be covered by the mAC-C-400-24 or the mAC-T-460-24-KIT, our thermal management specialists at AMS Technologies are happy to develop a completely tailor-made solution and offer all services from development and proof-of concept all the way to series production. Get in touch with us now to discuss your customized mAC-KIT.

Key Features:

  • Up to 460 W Cooling Capacity (Tchilled cabinet air +35°C, Tambient +35°C, 55% r. h.)
  • Compressor-based: Very Compact & Lightweight Format, ±0.5 K Temperature Stability
  • Peltier-based: No Moving Parts Except for Fans, Independent From Orientation
  • Wide Ambient Temperature Range: +10°C to +50°C (Compressor-based); -40°C to +70°C (Peltier-based)
  • Orientation: Flush Mount, Side Wall or Door (Compressor-based), Any (Peltier-based)
  • Ambient Side Environmental Protection: IP65, Suitable for Harsh Environments
  • Operating Voltage: 24 VDC – Independent of Mains AC Voltage or Frequency
  • Max. Operating Current: 13 A (Compressor-based), 43 A (Peltier-based)
  • IoT Enabled (Compressor-based)
  • Dimensions: 310 × 157 × 475 mm (Compressor-based), 345 × 339 × 155 mm (Peltier-based, +132 mm drop in cabinet)
  • Weight: 15 kg(Compressor-based), 21 kg (Peltier-based)

Applications: Cabinet Cooling; Cooling of Air inside Cabinets for Applications With up to 460 W Power Dissipation; Harsh Environments

Product Group: mini Air Cooling Kits
Manufacturer Series Name: mAC-KITs
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