mLC-C-1200-24-KIT mini Liquid Cooling Kit

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mini Liquid Cooling Evaluation Kit; Cooling Capacity 1200 W @+25°C; Power Supply 24 VDC Key... more
Product information "mLC-C-1200-24-KIT mini Liquid Cooling Kit"

mini Liquid Cooling Evaluation Kit; Cooling Capacity 1200 W @+25°C; Power Supply 24 VDC

Key Features:

  • Up to 1200 W Cooling Capacity
  • Ideal for Compact Cooling of Lasers or Bio Reagents
  • Compressor Speed Control for Ease of Temperature Control
  • Low Vibration, Low Noise
  • Lightweight, Compact
  • Easy to Integrate Kit to Interface With OEM Water Circuit and Electronics Control
  • Components Carefully Designed to Match Each Other

The mLC-C-1200-24-KIT is a sealed vapor compression circuit with a speed controlled miniature rotary BLDC compressor. The evaporator is a brazed plate heat exchanger, the interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit. The mLC-C-1200-24-KIT comes with the separate 24 VDC inverter board. The compressor speed can be set from the upper control system by frequency or analog signal.

The mLC-C-1200-24-KIT’s condenser is an aluminum finned copper tube heat exchanger coil and must be cooled by forced convection, i.e. a 200 mm diameter fan or equivalent. The heat exchanger stainless steel plates are nickel brazed suitable for a variety of coolant fluids, such as water, DI water and glycol-water mixtures. The plate heat exchanger has male R ¼” connectors for the customer to connect its water circuit.

For lower heat loads, we also carry a mLC-C-450-24-KIT with up to 450 W cooling capacity, or a Peltier-based mini Direct Cooling KIT providing up to 130 W with no liquids or moving parts (except fans). If you are looking for a ready-to-use recirculating chiller that includes the coolant loop, have a look at our family of mini Recirculating Chiller Kits (mRC-KITs) as well as our our other liquid cooling solutions offerings – or browse our large portfolio of liquid to air temperature management assemblies .

Your customized liquid cooler: AMS Technologies’ thermal management specialists are happy to develop a liquid cooling solution tailored to your needs – based on Peltier or compressor technology – and offer all services from development and proof-of concept to series production. Get in touch with us now to discuss your customized liquid cooler.


  • Cooling Capacity: Approximately 930 W (at 59 rps, Twater = +20°C, Tambient = +40°C) to 1760 W (at 90 rps, Twater = +20°C, Tambient = +20°C)
  • Power Supply Consumption: ≤720 W (30 A @24 VDC)
  • Temperature Range (Ambient, Operating): +15°C to +45°C
  • Hydraulic parameters:    Pressure Drop 40 mbar @6 lpm, 100 mbar @9 lpm
  • Controller/Inverter Board: Operating Range 28 to 100 rps, Speed Command Square Wave Pulse Frequency 56 to 200 Hz, Variable Resistor Input 2.8 to 10 kΩ
  • Dimensions: 250 x 386 x 248 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 10 kg

Applications: Compact Cooling of Lasers or Bio Reagents With up to 1200 W Cooling Capacity; Evaluation Kit to Interface With OEM Water Circuit and Electronics Control


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