mLC-KITs mini Liquid Cooling Kits

mLC-KITs mini Liquid Cooling Kits AMS Technologies
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Compact Sealed Vapor Compression Circuits; Cooling Capacity 450, 1200 W @+25°C; Power Supply 24... more
Product information "mLC-KITs mini Liquid Cooling Kits"

Compact Sealed Vapor Compression Circuits; Cooling Capacity 450, 1200 W @+25°C; Power Supply 24 VDC, 6-30 A; Temperature Range -10-+45°C, +15-+45°C; Pressure Drop 40-300 mbar @9-4 lpm

AMS Technologies’ mLC-KITs are liquid cooling development platforms featuring sealed vapor compression circuits with speed-controlled miniature rotary BLDC compressors. Brazed plate heat exchangers serve as evaporators and provide the interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit.

Our mLC-KITs are available with two cooling capacity levels: the ultra-compact mLC-C-450-24-KIT is designed for cooling tasks up to 450 W, while the larger mLC-C-1200-24-KIT provides up to 1200 W cooling capacity. Both mLC-KITs come with inverter boards that require a 24 VDC power supply. The compressors’ speed can be set from the upper control system by frequency or analog signal. The condenser is an aluminum finned copper tube heat exchanger coil.

The mLC-KITs must be cooled by forced convection, i. e. 120 × 120 mm fan. The mLC-C-1200-24-KIT 1200 is already equipped with a fan. The heat exchanger stainless steel plates are nickel brazed and suitable for a variety of coolant fluids, such as water, DI water and glycol-water mixtures. The plate heat exchanger has male R ¼"/ R " connectors to connect the water circuit on the customer’s side.

Your customized mLC-KIT: For customer requirements that cannot be covered by the mLC-C-450-24-KIT or the mLC-C-1200-24-KIT, our thermal management specialists at AMS Technologies are happy to develop a completely tailor-made liquid cooling solution and offer all services from development and proof-of concept all the way to series production. Get in touch with us now to discuss your customized mLC-KIT.

Key Features:

  • Kits to Interface With OEM Water Circuit and Electronics Control
  • Up to 1200 W Cooling Capacity
  • Cooling Capacity mLC-C-450-24-KIT (Approx.): 450 W (@100 rps, Twater = +25°C, Tambient = +25°C)
  • Cooling Capacity mLC-C-1200-24-KIT (Approx.): 930 W (@59 rps, Twater = +20°C, Tambient = +40°C, 2 lpm) to 1760 W (@90 rps, Twater = +20°C, Tambient = +20°C, 4 lpm)
  • Speed Control for Ease of Temperature Control
  • Lightweight, Compact
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Low-vibration, Low-noise Rotary Compressor
  • Components Carefully Designed to Match Each Other
  • Power Supply: 24 VDC, <6A (mLC-C-450-24-KIT, 80 rps), <30 A (mLC-C-1200-24-KIT)
  • Temperature Range (Ambient): -10°C to +45°C (mLC-C-450-24-KIT); +15°C to +45°C (mLC-C-1200-24-KIT)
  • Hydraulic Parameters mLC-C-450-24-IT: Pressure Drop 300 mbar @4 lpm
  • Hydraulic Parameters mLC-C-1200-24-IT: Pressure Drop 40 mbar @6 lpm, 100 mbar @9 lpm
  • Dimensions: 200 x 172 x 180 mm (mLC-C-450-24-KIT), 250 x 386 x 248 mm (mLC-C-1200-24-KIT)
  • Weight: 3.4 kg (mLC-C-450-24-KIT), 10 kg (mLC-C-1200-24-KIT)

Applications: Evaluation Kits for Building Water Cooling Solutions With OEM Water Circuit and Electronics Control; Compact Laser Cooling up to 450 or 1200 W; Bio Reagents Cooling; Mobile Applications (mLC-C-450-24-KIT)

Product Group: mini Liquid Cooling Kits
Manufacturer Series Name: mLC-KITs
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