SP-ICE-1/3 Deflection Unit Control Cards

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Interface PCIe, 1-Gbps-Ethernet; Interface to Deflection Unit SL2-100, XY2-100, RL3-100;... more
Product information "SP-ICE-1/3 Deflection Unit Control Cards"

Interface PCIe, 1-Gbps-Ethernet; Interface to Deflection Unit SL2-100, XY2-100, RL3-100; Resolution 16, 20 Bit; Output Step Period 10, 20 µs; Memory 1-32 GB

In addition to innovative electronic components built into its deflection units, Raylase’s electronics portfolio consists of intelligent control cards to drive the deflection units. These also function as an interface between software and mechanical systems with the capacity to control external machines.

The SP-ICE-1 PCIe PRO control card offers highest precision, flexibility, and easy integration. Windows-based DLLs are included. Scanning motion and laser control signals are precisely synchronized with the on-board processor unit. Dual buffering allows for downloading of the next job whilst executing the current job. The SP-ICE-1 PCIe PRO control card interfaces to the deflection unit via the XY2-100 standard/enhanced protocol. Laser control signals are: laser modulation, laser gate, first pulse suppression and lamp/diode current. Analog and digital signals are available. Buffered and unbuffered I/O ports are available for interfacing to external equipment.

The SP-ICE-3 control card is the universal solution for every laser system with deflection units. With its multiple individually configurable ports it fits everywhere, even at highly specific requirements. Thanks to the .NET programming environment and the flexibility of the SP-ICE-3 control card, a broad variety of applications can be solved quickly. The SP-ICE-3 controls up to 2 deflection units via the SL2-100 or RL3-100 protocol with 20 Bit position resolution and 10 μs step period. It can log up to 24 million measurements from the deflection unit. This allows for system optimization during development and continuous monitoring during operation. With its 1 GB RAM and a 32 GB MicroSD-card, users may upload and store numerous highly complex laser programs to the card at once. Five configurable I/O-ports with up to 24 bit, two quadrature decoders, a USB 2.0 and a RS232 interface make the SP-ICE-3 your central control unit for laser processes.

Key Features:

  • Micro SD Card With 4 GB On-board Memory (32 GB for SP-ICE-3)
  • Master-slave and Master-master Operation
  • Controls 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-Axis Deflection Units and All Common Laser Sources (SP-ICE-3)
  • Speed- and Position-dependent Laser Control (SP-ICE-3)
  • Marking-and-processing-On-The-Fly (MOTF, Optional for SP-ICE-1 PCIe PRO)
  • Interface to Deflection Unit: XY2-100 (16 Bit) Protocol Enhanced With Feedback Channel, SL2-100 and RL3-100 (20 Bit) Protocol (SP-ICE-3)
  • Interface to PC (Control): PCIe, 1-Gbps-Ethernet (SP-IC-3)
  • Resolution: 16, 20 Bit
  • Output Step Period: 10, 20 µs
  • Can be Used as External Control Card via Gigabit Ethernet (SP-ICE-3)

Applications: Driving of Raylase Deflection Units; Interface Between Software and Mechanical Systems; Control or External Machines

Product Group: Deflection Unit Control Cards
Manufacturer Series Name: SP-ICE-1/3
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