LCS-BC25 Multi-wavelength Beam Combiners

LCS-BC25 Multi-wavelength Beam Combiners Mightex
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Beam Combiners for 22 mm Dia. Collimated LED Light Sources; 255-940 nm; Clear Aperture 25 mm... more
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Beam Combiners for 22 mm Dia. Collimated LED Light Sources; 255-940 nm; Clear Aperture 25 mm Dia.; Reflection ~30->95%; Transmission ~45->95%; Integrated Filter Well

Mightex LCS-BC25 series of multi-wavelength beam combiners combine two collimated LED light sources of different wavelengths into a single collimated beam. Multiple combiners can be cascaded to combine more than two collimated LED light sources.

At the heart of the LCS-BC25 beam combiners is a high-performance dichroic beamsplitter that combines two wavelengths with >95% efficiency. A neutral beamsplitter is also available as a lower-cost solution for applications where maximum light throughput is not required.

LCS-BC25 beam combiners are characterized by the edge wavelengths of their dichroic beamsplitters. Please check the downloadable data sheet to select the correct beam combiner for the intended collimated LED light source.

The beam combiner includes multiple mounting holes and threads so that it can be easily integrated into a system. Each input port features a fine 2-axis tilt adjustment to allow precise alignment of the collimated LED light sources relative to system optical axis. A robust locking mechanism is also provided to maintain alignment over time. Additionally, adapters are also available for coupling to major brands of microscopes.

For adding optical filters to the input ports, a filter well is integrated into each input port so that a 25.4 mm (1”) diameter optical filter can be inserted in between the LED light source and the beamsplitter. Narrow band filters and polarizers may be used to clean up LED spectrum or change the polarization state of the output beam.

Here are the dimension requirement for the dichroic/beamsplitters to be fit into the beam combiner cubes:

  • Length: 34 to 36 mm
  • Width: 25 to 26.5 mm
  • Thickness: 1 mm recommended, 1.5 mm max.

Multiple beam combiners can be connected using dedicated connecting plates (sold separately). Currently, Mightex’s LCS-BC25 multi-wavelength beam combiners can only be used to directly combine 22-mm diameter collimated LED light sources. For 11-mm diameter , a  (Product Number ACC-BC25-011) can be used to attach the LED light sources to the beam combiners, before the 11-mm diameter collimated LED light sources can be combined.

Key Features:

  • Combines Two 22 mm Diameter Collimated LED Light Sources Into a Single Collimated Beam
  • Cascadable for More Than Two Sources
  • Clear Aperture: 25 mm Diameter
  • Precision Locking Tilt Adjustment on Each Port
  • High-efficiency Dichroic Beamsplitters
  • Reflection on Reflection Port: ~30 to >95%
  • Transmission on Transmission Port: ~45 to >95%
  • Low-cost Neutral Beamsplitters Available
  • Integrated Filter Well (for 25.4 mm (1”) Diameter Filters) for Each Beam
  • Wide Range of Available Wavelengths: 255 to 940 nm
  • Multiple Mounting Features for Lab and OEM Applications
  • Microscope Adapters Available

Applications: Illumination for Photonics Applications; Fiber Coupling (With Optional Focusing Module); Microscope Illuminator; General Purpose Beam Combiner or Splitter

Product Group: Multi-wavelength Beam Combiners
Manufacturer Series Name: LCS-BC25
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