AvaLight-CAL(-Mini) Spectral Calibration Light Source

AvaLight-CAL(-Mini) Spectral Calibration Light Source Avantes
  • SW11392
HgAr, Ne, Ar, Zn, Cd Versions; 202.5-1704 nm; Optical Power 1.6 µW; Connector SMA-905; Power... more
Product information "AvaLight-CAL(-Mini) Spectral Calibration Light Source"

HgAr, Ne, Ar, Zn, Cd Versions; 202.5-1704 nm; Optical Power 1.6 µW; Connector SMA-905; Power Supply 12 VDC, 260 mA, 85-240 VAC, 1.0 A

The AvaLight-CAL-xxx is a spectral calibration lamp, available in Mercury-Argon (253.6 to 922.5 nm), Neon (337 to 1084.5 nm), Argon (696.5 to 1704 nm) Zinc (202.5 to 636.2 nm) and Cadmium (214.4 to 643.8 nm) versions. The major lines including their relative intensity and structures are shown in the downloadable datasheet.

The standard SMA-905 connector supplies an easy connection between the lamp and optical fibers, making the AvaLight-CAL-xxx a low-cost wavelength calibration system for any fiber-optic spectrometer. AvaSoft-Full spectroscopy software includes an automatic recalibration procedure.

The AvaLight-CAL-Mini, AvaLight-CAL-AR-Mini, AvaLight-CAL-Neon-Mini all come in the Mini-housing and are equipped with a connector at the rear enabling to switch the unit on/off remotely with a TTL signal. AvaLight-CAL light sources can also be delivered in rack-mountable version, to be integrated in Avantes 19” Rack-mount or the 9.5” desktop housing.

Key Features:

  • Calibration Light Source
  • Available in a Variety of Wavelength Ranges (UV to NIR): 253.6 to 922.5 nm (HgAr), 337 to 966 nm (Ne), 950 to 1704 nm (Ar), 202.5 to 636.2 nm (Zn), 214.4 to 634.8 nm (Cd)
  • Optical Power (in 600 µm Fiber): 1.6 µW
  • Connector: SMA-905
  • Warm-up Time: 1, <10 min
  • Lamp Lifetime: 1000, 5000 h
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC, 260 mA, 85 to 240 VAC, 1.0 A
  • Dimensions: 150 x 78 x 37, 175 x 110 x 44 mm

Applications: Wavelength Calibration of Fiber Optic Spectrometers

Product Group: Spectral Calibration Light Source
Manufacturer Series Name: AvaLight-CAL(-Mini)
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