AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini Calibrated Light Sources

AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini Calibrated Light Sources Avantes
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350-2500 nm; Calibration Repeatability ±0.5%; Calibration Relative Uncertainty ±3.5%, ±5.0%;... more
Product information "AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini Calibrated Light Sources"

350-2500 nm; Calibration Repeatability ±0.5%; Calibration Relative Uncertainty ±3.5%, ±5.0%; Bulb Output 170 µW cm-2 nm-1; Power Supply 12 VDC, 2.08 A

Calibrating your spectrometer has never been easier: Avantes’ AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini series are NIST-traceable, calibrated light sources to measure absolute spectral intensity with.

AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini series are compact, affordable light sources. The devices are calibrated for the visible (VIS) range (350 to 1095 nm). Optionally, an extended calibration for the near-infrared (NIR) spectral range (1100 to 2500 nm) can be ordered. AvaLight-HAL-CAL light sources have a built-in diffuser, a cosine corrector with SMA adapter and come with a calibration file in ASCII format. Calibration can be done using the AvaSoft software.

The AvaLight-HAL-CAL-ISPxx-Mini is a special version of the Avalight-HAL-CAL-Mini, which enables coupling any of Avantes’ AvaSphere-xx-IRRAD integrating spheres (xx = 30, 50 or 80) to the light source for calibration. This source is supplied with a special bottom plate to stabilize the AvaSphere.

Avalight-HAL-CAL-Mini and Avalight-HAL-CAL-ISPxx-Mini calibrated light sources include a power supply.

Key Features:

  • Field Calibration
  • Visible (VIS) and optional Near-Infrared (NIR) Range
  • Built-in Diffuser
  • Versatile
  • Calibration Use: Irradiance µW cm-2 nm-1
  • Calibrated Surface: CC-VIS/NIR or AvaSphere
  • Wavelength Range: 350 to 1095 nm; 1100 to 2500 nm
  • Calibration Repeatability: ±0.5%
  • Calibration Relative Uncertainty to NIST Standard: ±5.0% (350 to 1100 nm), ±3.5% (1100 to 1950 nm), ±5.0% (1950 to 2500 nm)
  • Calibration Valid for 60 h
  • Warm-up Time: ca. 15 min
  • Bulb Output: 170 µW cm-2 nm-1 (@800 nm)
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC, 2.08 A
  • Dimensions: 150 x 78 x 37 mm

Applications: Calibration of Spectrometers in VIS or NIR Wavelength Range; Measuring Absolute Spectral Intensity

Product Group: Calibrated Light Sources
Manufacturer Series Name: AvaLight-HAL-CAL-Mini
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