Accessories for LED Light Sources

Accessories for LED Light Sources
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Accessories for Mightex LED light sources comprise lightguide collimators, dedicated focusing... more
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Accessories for Mightex LED light sources comprise lightguide collimators, dedicated focusing modules for collimated LED light sources, various cables, fiber-optic adapters, microscope illumination tubes, connector tubes for LCS-Series light sources, a thread converter, empty filter/optics holders, a lightguide holder for converting Type-B LCS into Type-B GCS as well as accessories for beam combiners like a push-pull adjustable mount, a 11 mm LCS adapter or connecting plates.

  • Four different lightguide collimators are used to either couple light from free space into a lightguide or collimate light from a lightguide to form a collimated (parallel) optical beam. Lightguide collimators are key components with numerous applications. For example, a lightguide collimator can project light from a lightguide into a uniform spot in free space. High-numerical-aperture aspherical lenses are used for precise collimation and maximum light throughput. The collimators feature adjustable focus from ~100 mm to infinity. Various lightguide ferrule diameters are supported. Customization is available for other ferrule diameters. For further details, please refer to the downloadable datasheet and the downloadable “Accessories for LED Light Sources Overview”.
  • A LCS-FPC-ADP-SMA fiber-optic adapter can be used to couple light from a LCS-Series collimated LED light source (22-mm aperture) into a fiber patchcord and accepts SMA connectorized fiber patchcords.
  • Three different ACC-BC25-MIT-xxx microscope illumination tubes allow to couple a beam combiner or LCS-Series collimated LED light source into the infinity optical path of microscopes. The lengths of these microsope illumination tubes are designed for one beam-combiner distance (up to two LCS sources) or two beam-combiner distances (up to four LCS sources). For details, please refer to the downloadable installation drawing.
  • An ACC-LCS-27C adapter is available for converting M27 thread to C-thread.
  • Mightex’s GCS-LGH-B-0515 lightguide holder is used to replace the collimating lens on a Type-B LCS in order to convert it to a Type-B GCS. This holder is suitable for lightguides with a ferrule diameter of 5 mm (typical 3-mm-core lightguides) and a ferrule length of 15 mm or greater.
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