High-power LCS-Series Collimated LED Light Sources

High-power LCS-Series Collimated LED Light Sources Mightex
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UV-NIR; 365-980 nm; 0.84-15 W; Iop 350-3,500 mA; Vop 1.4-15.5 V; Typ. Output Power 30-1,500 mW... more
Product information "High-power LCS-Series Collimated LED Light Sources"

UV-NIR; 365-980 nm; 0.84-15 W; Iop 350-3,500 mA; Vop 1.4-15.5 V; Typ. Output Power 30-1,500 mW

Mightex’s high-power LCS-Series of collimated LED light sources employ a high-NA (numerical aperture) aspherical collimating lens for precision collimation and high light throughput. Four mechanically differing sub-series with clear apertures of 11, 22, 38 and 48 mm are available.

A LED collimator consists of a collimating lens and a LED emitter. The LED emitter is placed at the focal plane of the collimating lens. The collimating lens thus images the LED emitter into infinity.

LED collimators can be used as the light source in an illumination system. For example, LED collimators can replace the standard lamp assembly in a microscope to provide stable, intense, and fast-modulated illumination. Typically, the rest of the illumination optics will image the LED emitter onto the pupil of the imaging optics whereas the lens aperture on the collimator where intensity is uniform will be projected onto the object. In other illumination applications, similar arrangement should be made to produce uniform and efficient illumination.

The LED emitters of the high-power LCS-Series collimated LED light sources are mounted directly onto the metal base of the collimator which also features an integrated heat sink. This configuration minimizes thermal resistance between the LED emitter and the heat sink resulting in better heat dissipation. The collimating lens can be adjusted if needed for precise collimation. A locking ring fixes the lens position after adjustment. The collimators have been pre-adjusted in the factory.

Multi-chip LED emitters (i.e. Type-B) have been added to the high-power LCS-Series product portfolio. Some of these 7 W to 15 W LEDs have total optical power exceeding 1 W, quadrupling the power of a single-chip LED. Such Type-B models with higher powers (7 W and higher) feature a cooling fan and have a different form factor compared to other models. Please examine the installation drawings carefully. Power supply for the cooling fan is included in the price of the Type-B LCS-Series of collimated LED light sources.

The LED collimators include a 1.5-meter cable with two bare-wire terminals at the end for universal LED controllers. Models with 22 or 48 mm clear aperture are also available connectorized for Mightex BLS-Series LED controllers. The light sources can be driven by Mightex LED controllers or other LED controllers and current sources.

An optional focusing module can be mounted on the front of the LED collimator to focus light into a tight spot which is an image of the LED emitter. One of the applications with the focusing module is coupling LED light into a fiber or a lightguide.

Additional interchangeable collimating lenses are available to produce different beam sizes with the same light source.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable Aspherical Collimating Lens
  • High Numerical Aperture (NA)
  • High-power Emitters (up to 50 W)
  • Wide Range of Available Wavelengths: 365 to 980 nm, 3000 to 6500 K for White LED Versions
  • High Typical Collimated Output Power: 30 to 1,500 mW
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Optional Focusing Module
  • Optional Lightguide Adapter
  • Multiple Mounting Features for Lab and OEM Applications
  • Integrated Heatsink
  • Cooling Fan for >7 W Models

Applications: Microscope Illuminator; General Purpose Light Source; Fiber Coupling (With Optional Focusing Module)

Product Group: Collimated LED Light Sources
Manufacturer Series Name: High-power LCS-Series
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