SLS Series LED Spotlights

SLS Series LED Spotlights Mightex
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UV-NIR; 395-850 nm; 1-3 W; Iop 350-1,000 mA; Vop 1.8-3.9 V; Typ. Luminous Flux 30-80 lm,... more
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UV-NIR; 395-850 nm; 1-3 W; Iop 350-1,000 mA; Vop 1.8-3.9 V; Typ. Luminous Flux 30-80 lm, 180-450 mW; Clear Aperture 19 mm

Mightex’s SLS Series of high-power LED spotlights provides ready-to-use high-power LED light sources with integrated heat sinks and mounted collecting optics.

High-power LEDs are a new class of light sources that have numerous applications in industry, consumer, medical, and scientific fields. However, engineers and scientists often find that they have to design and fabricate heat sinks and optics mounts, and solder electrical contacts before they can light up a high-power LED.

SLS Series of high-power LED spotlights are ready-to-use with integrated heat sinks and mounted collecting optics. These compact high-power light sources are designed as a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications.

The SLS Series’ mechanical housing features multiple mounting holes compatible to common opto-mechanical mounts. SLS Series light sources can be driven by Mightex’s SLC-Series of multi-channel LED drivers or other LED drivers and current sources.

A dedicated heat sink (Part Number ACC-SLS-HS) is available and recommended for assisting heat dissipation in order to avoid overheat.

LED Emitter Specifications:

Part Number Description Wavelength (nm) Iop (mA) Vop (V) Typical Luminous Flux3 (lm)
SLS-0109-X 1 W UV 395 to 410 350 3.5 180 mW
SLS-0300-X 3 W White 5,500 K 1000 3.9 80
SLS-0309-X1 3 W UV 395 to 410 700 3.5 350 mW
SLS-0301-X 3 W Royal Blue 455 1,000 3.9 450 mW
SLS-0302-X 3 W Blue 470 1,000 3.9 30
SLS-0303-X 3 W Cyan 505 1,000 3.9 80
SLS-0304-X 3 W Green 530 1,000 3.9 80
SLS-0305-X 3 W Amber 590 1,000 3 80
SLS-0306-X 3 W Red-Orange 617 1,000 3 90
SLS-0307-X 3 W Red 625 1,000 3 80
SLS-0310-X 3 W Deep Red 657 1,000 3.1 280 mW
SLS-0208-X2 2.4 W Near Infrared 850 1,000 1.8 to 2.4 375 mW


X represents the lens code – see table below for lens code description
1 Emitter consists of two dies – divergence angle approximately doubles along one direction when used with collecting optics
2 Without collecting optics, this LED emits light from a 1x1 mm area onto a 60° cone
3 Due to variations in the manufacturing process and operating parameters such as temperature and current, the actual output of any given LED may vary. Specifications are intended to be used as a guideline.

Collecting Optics Specifications:

Lens Code Description X- Half Angle (°) Y- Half Angle (°)
A Narrow Beam 5 5
B Medium Beam 15 15
C Wide Beam 25 25
D Oval Beam 5 20
E1 Fiber Bundle Coupling 7 mm full field 7 mm full field


1 Focuses light into a spot at approximately 12 mm in front of the lens. Ideal for coupling light into fiber bundles, liquid lightguides and integrators.

 Key Features:

  • Wavelength Range: 395 to 850 nm
  • 1 W and 3 W High-power Emitters
  • Five Different High-efficiency Collecting Optics
  • Round and Oval Illumination Profiles
  • Collecting Optics Clear Aperture: 19 mm
  • Collecting Optics Efficiency: 85%
  • Precision Machined Aluminium Housing
  • Multiple Mounting Features for Lab and OEM Applications

Applications: Machine Vision; Displays; Microscopy; Semiconductor Equipment; Testing Instruments; Medical Instruments; Lighting; Fiber Bundle Coupling


Product Group: LED Spotlights
Manufacturer Series Name: SLS Series
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