EOLD-xxxx-0xx Hermetic TO LEDs

EOLD-xxxx-0xx Hermetic TO LEDs EPIGAP Optronic
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255-1720 nm; UV, Visible, IR; Radiant Power 0.8-8 mW; Viewing Angle 6°-114°; Package TO-05,... more
Product information "EOLD-xxxx-0xx Hermetic TO LEDs"

255-1720 nm; UV, Visible, IR; Radiant Power 0.8-8 mW; Viewing Angle 6°-114°; Package TO-05, TO-18, TO-39, TO-46

With the EOLD-xxxx-0xx series, EPIGAP Optronic provides a variety of different LEDs in hermetic TO cases as standard products, featuring high efficiency and degradation stability. TO metal case options with TO‐05, TO‐18, TO‐39 or TO‐46 package are available, equipped with flat window cap or lens cap.

The package, lens shapes, viewing angle and wavelength in the range from 255 nm (UV) to 1750 nm (infrared) can be adapted to the application. EPIGAP Optronic manufactures samples and series for standard LEDs and customer-specific components according to your specifications.

If you should not see the exact configuration that meets your design project’s requirements, please contact the AMS Technologies LED experts to find the right standard or customized product.

EPIGAP Optronic’s LED components are also available in molded plastic cases (EOLD-xxxx-3xx/5xx series) and SMD packages (EOLS series) as well as bare LED chips (EOLC series) with high efficiency and very good degradation stability.

The supplier’s variety of chips in terms of wavelength, chip size and polarity allow for the selection and adaptation to the requirements of your application. The portfolio includes special chips like EOLC-xxx-19-xx point source LED chips or EODC-660-19-xx monolithic LED display chips for optical systems.

Key Features:

Product Wavelength Package Luminous Intensity Radiant Power Viewing Angle Downloads
EOLD-255-092 255 nm TO-46   1.25 mW 100° Datasheet
EOLD-255-012 255 nm TO-46   1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-265-092 265 nm TO-46   1.35 mW 100° Datasheet
EOLD-265-012 265 nm TO-46   1.1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-275-092 275 nm TO-46   2.2 mW 100° Datasheet
EOLD-275-012 275 nm TO-46   1.6 mW Datasheet
EOLD-310-013 310 nm TO-46   0.9 mW Datasheet
EOLD-310-023 310 nm TO-18   1.2 mW 24° Datasheet
EOLD-310-043 310 nm TO-18   1.2 mW 40° Datasheet
EOLD-310-093 310 nm TO-18   1.2 mW 113° Datasheet
EOLD-310-093-1 310 nm TO-5   1.5 mW 114° Datasheet
EOLD-310-013-6 310 nm TO-5   0.8 mW Datasheet
EOLD-325-013 325 nm TO-46   1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-325-023 325 nm TO-18   1.5 mW 24° Datasheet
EOLD-325-043 325 nm TO-18   1.4 mW 40° Datasheet
EOLD-325-093 325 nm TO-18   1.2 mW 113° Datasheet
EOLD-325-093-1 325 nm TO-39   1.7 mW 114° Datasheet
EOLD-325-013-6 325 nm TO-5   1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-340-013 340 nm TO-46   0.9 mW Datasheet
EOLD-340-023 340 nm TO-18   1.3 mW 24° Datasheet
EOLD-340-043 340 nm TO-18   1.3 mW 40° Datasheet
EOLD-340-093 340 nm TO-18   1.3 mW 113° Datasheet
EOLD-340-093-1 340 nm TO-5   1.7 mW 114° Datasheet
EOLD-340-013-6 340 nm TO-5   1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-365-012 365 nm TO-18   1.5 mW 10° Datasheet
EOLD-365-092 365 nm TO-18   1.5 mW 90° Datasheet
EOLD-370-012 370 nm TO-46   1.5 mW 10° Datasheet
EOLD-460-013 460 nm TO-46 16000 mcd 8 mW 10° Datasheet
EOLD-470-013-2 470 nm TO-46   4 mW 12° Datasheet
EOLD-810-095-4 810 nm TO-46   2.2 mW 90° Datasheet
EOLD-880-015-1 880 nm TO-46   1.8 mW Datasheet
EOLD-940-015 940 nm TO-46   5 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1050-015 1050 nm TO-46   1.6 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1050-095 1050 nm TO-46   5 mW 40° Datasheet
EOLD-1060-015 1060 nm TO-46   1.6 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1200-015 1200 nm TO-46   1.5 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1200-095 1200 nm TO-46   1.5 mW 50° Datasheet
EOLD-1300-015 1300 nm TO-46   1.6 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1300-095 1300 nm TO-46   1.6 mW 50° Datasheet
EOLD-1450-015 1450 nm TO-46   1.5 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1650-015 1650 nm TO-46   1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1720-015 1720 nm TO-46   1 mW Datasheet
EOLD-1720-095 1720 nm TO-46   1 mW 50° Datasheet


Applications: Industrial Sensors; Automation; Security and Safety Technology; Diagnostics; Biomedical Technology; Medical Imaging; Analytical Instruments; Scientific Analysis; Photo Catalyst; Medical Phototherapy; UV Curing; UV Sterilization

Product Group: Hermetic TO LEDs
Manufacturer Series Name: EOLD-xxxx-0xx
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