NBA 108 Blocking Adhesive 10g syringe

NBA 108 Blocking Adhesive 10 g syringe Norland Products
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Refractive Index 1.51; 550 cps Viscosity at 25°C  NBA 108 (10g syringe) is a single... more
Product information "NBA 108 Blocking Adhesive 10g syringe"

Refractive Index 1.51; 550 cps Viscosity at 25°C 

NBA 108 (10g syringe) is a single component, UV curing adhesive used for temporary bonding of lenses to metal polishing mounts. This blocking adhesive is formulated to be used with polishing processes that use large amounts of liquid or use heavy grinding. The adhesive cures in minutes at room temperature by exposure to long wave UV light and eliminates the heat induced strain typical of the old fashioned hot pitch blocking methods. NBA 108 is specifically formulated to provide low shrinkage and low strain to further minimize any potential strain on the lens during the blocking process. Debonding is accomplished by soaking in acetone.

The adhesive cures only by exposure to UV light in the range of 350 to 380 nanometers. Recommended light sources include mercury lamps, sun lamps, fluorescent black lights and xenon lamps. Norland Products sells a variety of light sources optimized for curing our adhesive. The adhesive needs 5 joules per centimeter squared of long wave UV energy to fully cure. Cure time will depend on the amount of UV energy the light source used generates at the surface of the adhesive.

Solids 100%
Elongation at Failure 18%
Modulus (psi) 710
Tensile (psi) 101
Hardness - Shore D 25

Shelf life of the liquid is at least 6 months at room temperature if stored in the original container away from UV light. Prolonged skin contact should be avoided and affected areas should be washed with soap and water. Avoid prolonged vapor inhalation and use in a well ventilated area.

Norland Number: 108
Packaging: 10 g Syringe
Viscosity at 25°C : 350 cps
Refractive Index: 1.51
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