NOA 86 Optical Adhesive 1oz bottle

NOA 86 Optical Adhesive 1 oz bottle Norland Products
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Viscosity at 25°C: 200-300 cps, Refractive Index: 1.55 Norland Optical Adhesive... more
Product information "NOA 86 Optical Adhesive 1oz bottle"

Viscosity at 25°C: 200-300 cps, Refractive Index: 1.55

Norland Optical Adhesive 86 is an adhesive that will cure optically clear when exposed to long wavelength ultraviolet or visible light (blue-violet). The adhesive has low viscosity and meets the Bellcore specifications of 85C/85RH for 2000 hours. NOA 86 is recommended for bonding glass or plastic. NOA 86 is cured by ultraviolet light between 315 to 400 nanometers and visible light between 400 to 420 nanometers. The peak absorption wavelengths are 325, 365 and 400 nanometers. Minor absorption wavelengths are 410 and 420 nm. Full cure requires 2.5 Joules/cm 2 .  

When fully cured, NOA 86 has very good adhesion and solvent resistance, but it has not reached its optimum adhesion to glass. This will come with aging over a period of about 1 week in which a chemical bond will form between the glass and adhesive. This optimum adhesion can also be obtained by aging at 50C for 12 hours.

NOA 86 can withstand temperatures before aging from -15C to 90C when used for glass bonding. After aging, it will withstand temperatures from -125C to 125C.

Typical Properties of NOA 86

Liquid Color Slight yellow tint that disappears upon curing
Modulus (psi) 7,834
Tensile (psi) 360,400
Elongation at Failure 2.8%
Hardness - Shore D 75

Keep NOA 86 in a cool (5-22 °C) dark place. If refrigerated, a low the adhesive to come to room temperature before using.

Norland Number: 86
Packaging: 1 oz Bottle
Viscosity at 25°C (cps): 200-300
Refractive Index: 1.55
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