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Refractive Index 1.375-1.438; Viscosity 7-25 mPas; Transmittance 76%-94%; Hardness 20-78 Shore... more
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Refractive Index 1.375-1.438; Viscosity 7-25 mPas; Transmittance 76%-94%; Hardness 20-78 Shore D; Shear Bond Strength 27->61 kgf/cm²; UV Curing Conditions 10 mW/cm², 1-10 min; Tg +18-+103 °C

Using its refractive index control technology and optical loss reduction technology, NTT-AT has developed optical adhesives with a low refractive index of 1.4 or less. These resins are aimed at usage in the fields of optical recording, display technology, optical energy uses, etc.

NTT’s low refractive index resins are also excellent in transparency in visible light domains. Within this series you find acrylate-based adhesives (#18204 and #18114) as well as epoxy adhesives (E3810). To match the particular working environment of our customers, NTT-AT provides both ultraviolet (UV) and heat curing types.

NTT-AT provides refractive index customized resins to meet each customer's needs. Please contact the AMS Technologies optical adhesives experts to discuss your customized refractive index matched optical adhesive solution.

Key Features:

  • Refractive Index of 1.4 or Less Can Be Chosen
  • High Accuracy of Refracting Index Control: ±0.005
  • Choice of Either Ultraviolet (UV) Curing or Heat Curing Method
  • High Transparency in Visible Light Domains: Optical Transmittance 90% or More at 1 mm Thickness
  • Refractive Index: 1.375 to 1.438
  • Viscosity: 7 to 25 mPas
  • Transmittance: 76% to 94%
  • Hardness: 20 to 78 Shore D
  • Shear Bond Strength: 27 to >61 kgf/cm²
  • UV Curing Conditions: 10 mW/cm², 1 to 10 min
  • Glass Transition Temperature Tg: +18 to +103 °C

Applications: Low Refractive Index Coating Agents; Bonding Low Refractive Index Crystal Materials; Bonding Low Refractive Index Glass (for Camera Lenses, Eyeglass Lenses, etc.); Higher Efficiency Optical Input and Output Power; Efficient Conversion of Light Energy; Optical Recording; Display Technology

Product Group: Low Refractive Index Optical Adhesives
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