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Flat, Bent, Finned or Embedded; Thermal Conductivity 5,000-200,000 W/m•K; Heat Transfer Over... more
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Flat, Bent, Finned or Embedded; Thermal Conductivity 5,000-200,000 W/m•K; Heat Transfer Over Relatively Long Distances; Long Life; No Maintenance

Noren’s unique technology and design process allow to create customized heat pipe systems with intricate bends, angles and flatness. Long life and no maintenance are added benefits of Noren’s heat pipe designs and assemblies

Heat pipes can be implemented for a wide variety of applications and can be designed in any combination of bends, planes, angles and dimensions. Whether flat, bent, finned or embedded, Noren’s custom heat pipes and heat sinks are designed to optimize the thermal management capabilities of virtually any application.

Heat pipes are the most common passive, capillary-driven of the two-phase systems. Two-phase heat transfer involves the liquid-vapor phase change (boiling/evaporation and condensation) of a working fluid. As the heat pipe technology industry leader, Noren products has specialized in the design and development and manufacturing of passive, two-phase heat transfer devices since 1968.

Heat pipes have an extremely effective high thermal conductivity. While solid conductors such as aluminium, copper, graphite and diamond have thermal conductivities ranging from 250 W/m•K to 1,500 W/m•K, heat pipes have effective thermal conductivities that range from 5,000 W/m•K to 200,000 W/m•K.

Heat pipes transfer heat from the heat source (evaporator) to the heat sink (condenser) over relatively long distances through the latent heat of vaporization of a working fluid. Heat pipes typically have 3 sections: an evaporator section (heat input/source), adiabatic (or transport) section and a condenser section (heat output/sink).

To better solve your thermal removal requirements, Noren’s heat pipes offer the unique ability to achieve different bends, planes and dimensions within designs. Noren is able to create solutions with multiple angles and planes, all while maintaining the heat transfer needed for your custom application.

Standard Bend Radiuses for Heat Pipes:

  Round Bent Pipe Center-line Bending Radius [mm Round Bent-Flattened Pipe Center-line Bending Radius [mm] Flattened-Bent Pipe Inside Bending Radius [mm]
Tube Diameter [mm] Standard Minimum Standard Minimum Standard Minimum
Ø 3,18 9,53 4,78 9,53 4,78 6,35 3,18
Ø 4,75 11,13 5,54 11,13 5,54 6,35 3,18
Ø 6,35 14,30 9,53 14,30 9,53 9,53 4,75
Ø 7,92 17,48 13,49 17,48 13,49 9,53 4,75
Ø 9,53 23,83 14,27 23,83 14,27 12,70 6,35
Ø 12,70 38,10 22,23 38,10 22,23 19,05 9,53
Ø 15,88 38,10 30,18 38,10 30,18 25,40 12,70

Noren also offers and delivers custom bending solutions. Noren’s experienced engineers and production team consistently produce exceptional heat transfer in various configurations. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies thermal management experts today to discuss your customized heat pipe solution tailored to your project’s challenges.

Key Features:

  • Any Combination of Bends, Planes, Angles and Dimensions
  • Flat, Bent, Finned or Embedded
  • Extremely High Thermal Conductivity: 5,000 to 200,000 W/m•K
  • Heat Transfer From Heat Source to Heat Sink Over Relatively Long Distances
  • Long Life
  • No Maintenance
  • Flat, Bent, Finned or Embedded

Applications: Optimize the Thermal Management Capabilities of Virtually Any Application

Product Group: Heat Pipe Assemblies
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