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Definition of Laser Process Parameters; Creating Drill Patterns, Text Objects and Filling... more
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Definition of Laser Process Parameters; Creating Drill Patterns, Text Objects and Filling Structures; Bitmap Marking; Multiplying Container; Comprehensive Vector Editing; Pen Management/Assignment; Job Analytics; Integration of SP-ICE-3 Control Card

Raylase sees itself as a full-range supplier, offering a complete portfolio – from deflection units to control electronics and the corresponding laser processing software. Raylase’s deflection unit software makes tailor-made solutions possible and guarantees that machine manufacturers can drive their product development forward and venture into the high-performance arena. The resulting combination of lasers, laser deflection units and the corresponding software improves performance and reduces costs.

The RAYGUIDE software architecture is designed to respond quickly and flexibly to ever-changing and increasingly complex applications, while simultaneously guaranteeing a high degree of product stability. RAYGUIDE offers a wide range of features, and its functional scope will be enhanced on an ongoing basis to meet your growing requirements. For customers that want to access RAYGUIDE functions from their own user interfaces, Raylase offers a software development kit (SDK). This is a program library that also incorporates all the application benefits of RAYGUIDE. The interface is programmed in the Dot.Net environment.

The Multi-Point Editor is a software application for creating and editing RAYLASE correction files to adapt them to the individual opto-mechanical situation of each laser system. The correction files provided for your deflection unit by the manufacturer already take into account the respective wavelength, the aperture of the deflection unit, the working distance and much more. In this way, sufficient accuracies can be ensured for many applications.

Nevertheless, each system has individual tolerances. In addition, alignment errors occur during the setup of your system, which must be compensated for in order to achieve even higher accuracies in scan field calibration. Raylase provides you with the Multi-Point Editor software free of charge. You do not need a license to use it. NOTE: When using the RAYGUIDE laser process software, the Multi-Point Editor application is already included as an integral part.

Key Features RAYGUIDE:

  • Optically Innovative User Interface With User-defined Configuration of the Required Panels
  • Full Integration of the Raylase SP-ICE-3 Control Card
  • Equipped With Functions to Support all Existing and New Raylase Deflection Units
  • Definition of Laser Process Parameters
  • Creating Drill Patterns, Text Objects and Filling Structures
  • Bitmap Marking, Multiplying Container, Pen Management/Assignment, Job Analytics
  • Agile Architecture for Responding Quickly to New Requirements
  • Easy Integration into Automated Production Environments
  • Comprehensive Vector Editing: Powerful Toolbox to Optimize Vector Graphics
  • Integrate Part or the Complete GUI into Your Machine’s HMI
  • Use Plugins to Integrate Individual Functions into RAYGUIDE
  • Powerful Multi-point Editor Tool is Integral Component of RAYGUIDE User Interface
  • Manage Multiple Control Cards and Associated Deflection Units
  • Emulated Control Card Allows to Perform Many tasks Without Connecting a Control Card


  • Calibration of the XY Correction Values
  • Calibration of the Z Correction Values for the Third Optical Axis (if Available)
  • Creation of a Correction Table for the Local Adjustment of Laser Power
  • Creation of a Specially Defined Correction File by Entering Optical Parameters
  • Direct Marking of the Calibration Pattern (in Connection With the Use of a SP-ICE-3 Control Card)
  • Definition of a Sub-field (if Not the Whole Scan Field is Used)
  • Selection From Various Calibration Patterns
  • Direct Input of Scaling, Rotation, Offset and Trapezoidal Deviations
  • Import Function of Measured Values
  • Various Visualization Options of the Calibration Data for Validation of the Measured Values and Statistical Evaluation

Applications: Marking (Bitmaps, Text, Codes, Graphics); Welding; Cutting; Perforating; Surface Processing; MOTF Processing; Preparation for Stand-alone Operation With the SP-ICE-3 control card

Product Group: Deflection Unit Software
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