ThermoRack 1000 Thermoelectric Recirculating Chillers

ThermoRack 1000 Thermoelectric Recirculating Chillers Solid State Cooling Systems
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Cooling Capacity 1,000 W @+20 °C; Process Fluid Flow Rate >12 lpm @ 30 psig; 3/8" Swagelok... more
Product information "ThermoRack 1000 Thermoelectric Recirculating Chillers"

Cooling Capacity 1,000 W @+20 °C; Process Fluid Flow Rate >12 lpm @ 30 psig; 3/8" Swagelok Fittings; Magnetically-driven Rotary Vane Pump; Wetted Materials: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Polymers

Solid State Cooling Systems’ ThermoRack 1000 series has been specifically customized to provide leak-free, ±0.1°C temperature control of avionics, military, analytical and laser systems using non-aqueous fluids, such as PAO (Poly-Alpha-Olefin) or Fluorinert / Galden / HFE. The system can also be configured for use with water/glycol.Offering a cooling capacity of about 1,000 W @ +20°C with +20°C ambient temperature, the ThermoRack 1000 series which utilizes long-life thermoelectric technology is highly reliable and energy efficient, drawing power only when needed. These units are rack-mounted and do not require any facility chilled water. ThermoRack 1000 series is also environmentally friendly, since it does not use any Freon or other refrigerants.The ThermoRack 1000 series is particularly popular with organizations doing ground-based testing of avionics systems which use PAO. Built with a stainless-steel tank, stainless-steel plumbing and Swagelok fittings, ThermoRack 1000 is "leak free". The standard pump is capable of delivering over 12 liters per minute of flow, supporting pressures over 50 psig.

Key Features:

  • Cooling Capacity ~1,000 W @ +20°C with +20°C ambient temperature- ±0.1 °C Temperature Stability / Repeatability
  • Operating Range: 0 °C to +65 °C
  • Optimized for PAO, Fluorinert or Other Non-aqueous Fluids
  • Rack Mount: 19" x 27" x 10.5" (6U)
  • RS232 Communications Standard
  • Auto-restart Standard
  • 3/8" Swagelok Inlet/Outlet Fittings Standard
  • Universal Power Input

Applications: Avionics Bench Testing; In-flight Cooling; Military Test Equipment (PAO); Laser and Analytical Equipment; Other Higher Capacity Applications

Manufacturer Series Name: ThermoRack 1000
Product Group: Thermoelectric Recirculating Chillers
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