LDTC2/2 Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Temperature Controllers

LDTC2_2 Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Temperature Controllers Wavelength Electronics
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Output Current LD 2.2 A; Benchtop or Chassis Mounting; Output Current TEC ±2.2 A; Laser... more
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Output Current LD 2.2 A; Benchtop or Chassis Mounting; Output Current TEC ±2.2 A; Laser Compatibility Type A, B

Wavelength Electronics’ LDTC2/2 series of module type laser diode drivers and TEC temperature controllers includes both a laser diode driver and a temperature controller that each drive up to 2.2 A. This series combines the drive power of the WLD3343 laser driver with the temperature stability of the WTC3243 TEC drivers on one small board. While LDTC 2/2 E includes the chassis enclosure, LDTC 2/2 O consists of the open frame electronics only. For lower laser diode current (500 mA / 1 A), the LDTC series of laser diode driver and TEC temperature controllers is available. Integrated controls make this a plug-and-play module – users have only to add a power supply, laser diode, thermoelectric cooler, sensor and heatsinking. All cable sets are included. The LDMOUNT-5A, a 14-pin butterfly laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking, is available for simple connections between the LDTC2/2 and the laser.

The temperature controller is compatible with thermistors, RTDS or linear temperature sensors such as the LM335 or AD590. Adjust temperature using onboard trimpot or a remote voltage input. This voltage input has added default protection for when a D/A remote setpoint is turned off, unplugged or goes down and it automatically sets the temperature to control near ambient. Default is +25 °C for a 10 kΩ thermistor (1 V). Adjustable trimpots configure heat and cool limits.

The laser diode driver maintains precision laser diode current (constant current mode) or stable photodiode current (constant power mode) using electronics compatible with A/B type lasers. The LDTC2/2 delays and slowly ramps the current for maximum protection. Onboard trimpots set current limit and setpoint. Alternately, you can switch to remote inputs for the laser driver current setpoint. Customization to 3 A laser diode output current using the WLD3343-3A is available.

Use either the onboard enable/disable switch or a remote input. An LED indicates status of the laser diode output current. Switches select constant current or constant power mode. Remote computer control is available using the USBKIT, which also allows graphing and datalogging.

Free, effective and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies laser diode driver experts to discuss your customized solution!

Key Features:

  • Module Type, Benchtop or Chassis Mounting
  • Small Package Size: 69 x 122 x 29 mm
  • Compatible With Type A and B Lasers
  • Laser Diode Output Current: up to 2.2 A (up to 3 A with product variation)
  • Bandwidth: 1.6 MHz (CC, Sine Wave)
  • Slow Start Laser Diode Protection
  • Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Adjustable Laser Diode Current Limit
  • TEC Output Current 2.2 A
  • Separate Heat & Cool Current Limits
  • Single Supply Operation +5 to +12 V (LD), +5 to +28 V (TEC)
  • Compatible With Multiple Sensors- Maximum Power Dissipation: 9 W (LD Driver & TEC Driver)
  • Remote TTL Shutdown / Interlock- Failsafe Setpoint Default for D/A

Applications: Ideal for Integrated Laser Driver or LED Packages That Include Temperature Control; Optofluidics; Medical Diagnostics Equipment; Remote Sensing; Analytical Instrumentation; Military; Communications

Product Group: Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Temperature Controllers
Manufacturer Series Name: LDTC2/2
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