LDTC Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Temperature Controllers

LDTC Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Temperature Controllers Wavelength Electronics
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Output Current LD 0.5, 1 A; Benchtop or Chassis Mounting; Output Current TEC ±2.2 A; Laser... more
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Output Current LD 0.5, 1 A; Benchtop or Chassis Mounting; Output Current TEC ±2.2 A; Laser Compatibility Type A, B

Wavelength Electronics’ LDTC series of laser diode drivers and TEC temperature controllers combines Wavelength Electronics’ proprietary FL500 and highly stable WTC3243 in one compact and easy-to-use module. All the controls and indicators are onboard for simple plug-and-play operation. LDTC modules are in use around the world providing trouble-free reliability in a broad range of applications.

Wavelength Electronics has done critical research and design work into safely controlling laser diodes. The result is a module that saves you money in development and manufacturing and delivers trouble-free service over the life of the system.

LDTC modules require minimal overhead electronics, so your engineers can focus on high-level design features that differentiate you from your competitor. The compact LDTC modules are easily mounted in your laser system, with latching connectors for easy manufacturing. The flexibility of the LDTC design allows the controller to be operated from a single power supply. The power supplies can also be separated, if your application requires higher compliance voltage.

The laser driver is based on Wavelength Electronics’ popular FL500 series, known for low noise output and trouble-free operation. Two models are available, providing either 500 mA (LDTC0520) or 1.0 A output current (LDTC1020). The current limit circuit cleanly clamps laser diode current without ringing or overshoot and recovers without inducing a phase shift in a modulated laser signal.

The temperature controller is designed around the WTC3243, Wavelength Electronics’ ultra-stable temperature control module known for the ability to sweep load temperature across ambient. Independent cooling- and heating-current limits allow the LDTC series to be used with thermoelectric coolers (TECs) or resistive heaters and either negative or positive temperature coefficient sensors.

The LDMOUNT-5A, a 14-pin butterfly laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking, is available for simple connections between the LDTC and the laser. Remote computer control is available using the USBKIT, which also allows graphing and datalogging. Download the brochure to view a more detailed specification chart, and then get in touch with AMS Technologies’ sales engineers so we can help you choose the right driver for your application.

Free, effective and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies laser diode driver experts to discuss your customized solution!

Key Features:

  • Module Type, Benchtop or Chassis Mounting
  • Small Package Size: 60 x 74 x 28 mm
  • Compatible With Type A and B Lasers
  • Laser Diode Output Current: up to 500 mA or 1 A
  • Low Noise: 3 µA RMS Noise at Full Scale
  • Bandwidth: 500 kHz (CC, Sine Wave), 100 kHz (CC, Square Wave)
  • Slow-Start (15 mA/ms ) & Brownout Laser Diode Protection
  • Constant Current or Constant Power
  • Adjustable Laser Diode Current Limit
  • Drive ±2.2 A of TEC or RH Current
  • Separate Heat & Cool Current Limits
  • Single or Dual Power Supply Operation +3 to +12 V +4.5 to +30 V (TEC Driver)
  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 4 W (LD Driver), 9 W (TEC Driver)
  • Remote TTL Shutdown or Interlock
  • Failsafe Setpoint Default for D/A
  • Chassis Mount Includes All Cables

Applications: Range Finders; Telecom Laser Modules; Military & Aerospace; Research & Development; Airborne Metrology; Academic Research; Laser Diode LIV Testers; Other

Product Group: Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Temperature Controllers
Manufacturer Series Name: LDTC
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