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High Power, Yb/Er Co-doped; Fiber Type SMF-28(e); 1543 to 1565 nm; Input Power 0 (-10) to +10... more
Product information "YEDFA-CA-EM-A/B/C EDFA Modules"

High Power, Yb/Er Co-doped; Fiber Type SMF-28(e); 1543 to 1565 nm; Input Power 0 (-10) to +10 dBm; Output Power -3 to +33 dBm

LightComm Technology’s YEDFA-CA-EM-A/B/C series of Yb/Er co-doped high-power fiber amplifier modules are especially designed for FTTx, CATV, FDC and HFC analog amplification applications that require high reliability. Compared to conventional amplifiers, these modules are more compact, powerful, stable and reliable. Both input and output signals are sampled and monitored with a feedback circuit. ACC (automatic current control) and APC (automatic power control) circuits are designed into the amplifier to ensure high stability and reliability of output power. Based on integrated power monitoring circuit, this amplifier features RS-232 interface enabling connectivity with the customer’s control system.The YEDFA-CA-EM-A27 amplifier modules additionally features an AGC (automatic gain control) circuit as well as built-in EVOA to extend output power range to -3dBm, and the gain fiber is encased inside a hermetic sealed package.The YEDFA-CA-EM-C high power fiber amplifier modules are based on two stage amplification configuration, pre-amplifier and power amplifier. They additionally feature an AGC (automatic gain control) circuit.

Key Features:

  • Compact size: 90×70×25 mm (YEDFA-CA-EM-A), 125×100×25 mm (-B), 164×85×18 mm (-C)
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • High Stability and Reliability Based on Multi-mode Pump and Fiber Combiner Technology
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Low Noise Figure

Applications: Data Transmission; Power Actuator; Test/Measurement for Optical Devices and Systems; Detection for Gas Absorption; Analog CATV Long Distance Transmission Video; Optical Transmission Systems; Optical Distributing Systems; In-line Amplification; FTTx

Product Group: EDFA Modules
Manufacturer Series Name: YEDFA-CA-EM-A/B/C
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