FOFF-100 Fiber Optic Fault Finder

FOFF-100 Fiber Optic Fault Finder OZ Optics
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1310, 1550 nm; Sampling Resolution 2.5 m; Dead Zone 10, 40 m; Max. Measurement Distance 25, 60... more
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1310, 1550 nm; Sampling Resolution 2.5 m; Dead Zone 10, 40 m; Max. Measurement Distance 25, 60 km; Fiber Type 9/125 µm SM, Other

OZ Optics’ FOFF Fiber Optic Fault Finder is a cost effective, easy-to-use, OTDR-type device that provides continuous monitoring of fiber optic network health. The device detects and pinpoints bad connections, fiber bends, broken fibers and other problems that can lead to reduced network performance or service failure. The fiber optic fault finder combines powerful fault detection and communications capabilities in a compact package. Remote access capability allows secure monitoring of network operating conditions using a computer from virtually anywhere.

The OZ FOFF fiber optic fault finder can be bundled with an optional software package capable of gathering raw fault location data, transforming that data into actionable information, and serving it up via text message, email, instant message, and the web. Escalating alarms, starting with the field engineer, and rising to any level specified by the network operator, are a standard feature of the software. The software is available as a hosted web service or for integration into customer NOCs.

The device enables fiber optic network operators to increase field engineer efficiency, improve network and service availability and achieve a higher overall return on investment (ROI) from fiber optic networks. Networks suitable for monitoring by the FOFF fiber optic fault finder include FTTX access networks, backbone and metro transport networks, enterprise fiber networks, and multi-service operator (MSO) networks including hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks.

Key Features:

  • Compact System
  • Monitors and Reports Network Health Status in Real Time 24 h/day, 365 days/year
  • Reduces Revenue Loss Due to Damaged Fiber
  • Reports Fault Location With Time Stamp
  • Escalates Faults to Tiered Operational Support System
  • Lowers Network Operating and Maintenance Expenses
  • Improves Network and Services Availability
  • User Friendly Interface Via USB, RS-232, or Ethernet
  • Cellular Phone, Email, IM, SMS, Text Message for Outages or Early Alert Reporting
  • Wavelength: 1310 nm or 1550 nm, Other Wavelengths Also Available
  • Fiber Type: 9/125 µm Single Mode (SM), Other Fiber Types Also Available
  • Optical Connector: FC/APC, Other Connector Types Available
  • Dead Zone: 10 m to a Reflective Event, 40 m to a Non-reflective Event; Smaller Dead Zones Also Available
  • Sampling Resolution: 2.5 m, Better Resolutions Also Available
  • Distance Accuracy: 5 m + (3x10-5 x Distance) – Does not Include Errors From Index of Refraction
  • Maximum Measurement Distance (Using a 50 ns Pulse): 60 km (Reflective Event), 25 km (Non-reflective Event) – Longer Distances Also Available
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC to 15 VDC, 500 mA (Max.)

Applications: Network Fiber Infrastructure Health Monitoring and Fault Reporting; Backbone and Metro Transport Network Monitoring; FTTX Access Network Monitoring; MSO HFC Networks; Enterprise, Private, Campus Fiber Network Monitoring; Mission Critical Fiber Link Monitoring; Performance Monitoring Subsystem for Protection Switch or Route Diversity; Field Technician Test and Troubleshooting Tool for Access or Building Network; Real Time Inline Test and Measurement; Fiber Network Long-term Performance Data Collection and Analysis

Product Group: Fiber Optic Fault Finder
Manufacturer Series Name: FOFF-100
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