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MES-style Software for Use With Data-Pixel Systems; Data Collection & Acquisition, Staff... more
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MES-style Software for Use With Data-Pixel Systems; Data Collection & Acquisition, Staff Management; Resource Management; Mastery List; Product Traceability; Quality Management; Performance Analysis; Document Management

Data-Pixel’s SUPERVISOR is a MES-style software which is in charge of the execution, management and monitoring of the production in an assembly workshop for fiber optic connectors. Its role is to supervise machines and help operators with complete traceability of the manufacturing information.

SUPERVISOR’s aim is to monitor the assembly workshop to continuously improve the process in three phases: Measure, Analyze and Optimize. Interfaced with the measurement equipment, SUPERVISOR guides and reacts instantly to the activities of the production line. It is the central point of all the data, in charge of transmitting the right information at the right moment, both to the operator (pass / fail criteria, traceability, progress of the workorders) and to the machines (Start / stop, parameterization of machines, measurements).

By capitalizing on all production data in real time, SUPERVISOR has an overview of the progress and performance of a workorder in real time, making it the ideal complementary tool for an ERP. Connected to an ERP software, SUPERVISOR collects the information related to the production order, then sets the equipment according to the products to be manufactured.

Main Functions of SUPERVISOR:

  • Data Collection and Acquisition: Allows the Input of All Information During Production, Manually Entered and Coming Automatically From Connected Equipment
  • Staff Management: Manages the Necessary Skills and Authorizations for Users, Products and/or Operations
  • Resource Management: Defines and Follows the Status of Each Resource (Production, Shutdown, Outage, Material Shortage …)
  • Mastery List: Manages the Flow of Production Data Between the ERP and the Workshop
  • Product Traceability: Associates a Part or Batch With All Its Manufacturing Data of the Components
  • Quality Management: Masters the Quality of Manufacturing Processes – This Function Can Be Directly Integrated into the MES Software or Can Use SPC Software
  • Performance Analysis: Consolidates Data to Calculate the Key Indicators of Production (First Pass Yield, Reworks, Efficiency, Performance …)
  • Document Management: Makes Available to the Operator the Documents Necessary for the Realization of His Work

Applications: Execution, Management and Monitoring of the Production in an Assembly Workshop for Fiber Optic Connectors

Product Group: Software
Manufacturer Series Name: SUPERVISOR
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