eChiller 120 Turbo Compressor Recirculating Chiller

eChiller120 Turbo Compressor Recirculating Chiller Efficient Energy
  • SW11766
Vapor Compression Chiller; 70-120 kW; 100% Water; Cooling Water Inlet Temperature +20-+35°C;... more
Product information "eChiller 120 Turbo Compressor Recirculating Chiller"

Vapor Compression Chiller; 70-120 kW; 100% Water; Cooling Water Inlet Temperature +20-+35°C; Chilled Water Outlet Temperature +12-+22°C

As all Efficient Energy’s eChiller Turbo Compressor Recirculating Chillers, the eChiller120 unit is based on the Bluezero® technology, which enables water as a refrigerant in chilled water unit for a wide range of industrial applications. It is ideal for temperatures from +12 °C upwards and here, it offers outstanding results in performance and efficiency. Looking at this temperature spectrum, there is simply no better solution to your cooling applications than Bluezero® – economically or environmentally.

With its cooling capacity of up to 120 kW, the eChiller120 fulfills the requests from the market for an eChiller with higher cooling capacity and therefore addresses a wider range of industry applications. In a modular set-up, up to 500 kW are achievable by installing various eChillers in a row.

As his smaller brother eChiller34/45, the eChiller120 is ideally suited for machine cooling, process cooling and the cooling of technical equipment.

Key Features:

  • Cooling Capacity: 70 kW to 120 kW
  • F-gas Free
  • 100% Water, 0% GWP
  • Re-cooling: Adiabatic
  • Enhanced Partial Load Control
  • Optional Free Cooling Module
  • Chilled Water Outlet Temperature: +12°C to +22°C, Extended Temperature Range up to +28°C on Request
  • Cooling Water Inlet Temperature: +20°C to +35 °C
  • Main-/Assist-control up to 10 Units
  • Cooling and Cold Water System Control
  • Energy Consumption Reporting
  • Future Proof: 0% Direct CO2 Emissions; No Regulations
  • Operational Safety: Odourless; Not Flammable Nor Toxic; Little Maintenance Efforts; Nor Restrictions for Installation Site (as long as Frost-free)
  • Profitability: Refrigerant Available at Low Cost; Eligible for State Funding Programs of Natural Refrigerants; Energy Savings Compared to Stadard Chiller up to 35%
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Savings of up to 82% Through Stepless Adjustment and Free Cooling Mode; Low Start-up Current; Energy-optimized Re-cooling System Control
  • Dimensions: 2,015 mm x 890 mm x 1,950 mm
  • Weight: 1,433 kg incl. FC Module

Applications: Industrial Process Cooling; Machine and Control Cabinet Cooling; Data Center and Server Rooms; Cooling in Buildings

Manufacturer Series Name: eChiller 120
Product Group: Turbo Compressor Recirculating Chiller
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