CMH Ceramic Micro Heaters

CMH Ceramic Micro Heaters NTT-AT
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Max. Temperature +1,600 °C; Voltage 15 to 19 VAC; Current 5,8 to 7 A; Length 19, 22 mm; Width x... more
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Max. Temperature +1,600 °C; Voltage 15 to 19 VAC; Current 5,8 to 7 A; Length 19, 22 mm; Width x Height 20 x 25 mm; Internal Diameter of Heat Core 2 mm

NTT-AT’s CMH series of ceramic micro heaters provides temperatures of up to +1,600 °C in a very small, cylindrical volume. Powered by AC current with a power of approximately 100 W, a tubular ceramic micro-heating element with an internal diameter of 2 mm generates these high temperatures over a length of 19 (CMH-7019) or 22 mm (CMH-7022).

In order to focus the heating energy in this small volume and to minimize the losses to the environment, the actual heating element is enclosed in a very high heat resistant ceramic material. An approx. 1 mm wide gap in this material on one side makes the laterally open, tubular heating element accessible from the outside.

The main application of ceramic micro heaters is the processing of optical fibers, which can be inserted into the ceramic micro heater through the lateral gap. Tapering of optical fibers, for example, involves heating a small area of the fiber to a high temperature while the fiber is gently stretched as evenly as possible. This procedure reduces the diameter of fiber and core in the heated area, resulting in a tapered fiber. Another application of ceramic micro heaters is the production of fiber couplers.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Heating-up Optical Fibers
  • Ideal for Manufacturing of Tapered Optical Fibers or Optical Fiber Couplers
  • Operated by Electric Current
  • Temperatures of up to +1,600 °C Can Be Generated
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Heating Element Inner Diameter: 2 mm
  • Two Lengths Available: 19 mm (CMH-7019) and 22 mm (CMH-7022)
  • Width: 25 mm, Height: 20 mm

Applications: Heating-up Optical Fibers; Manufacturing of Tapered Optical Fibers; Manufacturing of Optical Fiber Couplers

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