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Insulation Material Polyester, Polyimide, Kapton, Silicone Rubber; Operating Temperature... more
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Insulation Material Polyester, Polyimide, Kapton, Silicone Rubber; Operating Temperature -195-+230 °C; Max. Wattage 2-8 W/cm2; Thickness 125-1,000 µm; Lead Wires 22 AWG

Neltec® provides flexible electrical heating elements and a complete thermal management solution for surface heating substrates. By combining etched foil heaters and thermal protection systems with heatsink design, Neltec® produces fully assembled and functionally tested heater units. Alternatively, a simple flexible heater mat can be supplied in any shape and almost any size, voltage and wattage with lead assemblies and connectors.

These innovative and flexible Neltec® etched foil heaters incorporate:

  • High-precision etched metal foil technology which allows electrical resistance control beyond the industry standards
  • Thermostat, thermal fuse or thermistor control and protection
  • Polyimide heaters, available in low moisture retention polyimide dielectric
  • Kapton heaters, use Kapton® dielectric supplied by DuPont
  • Polyester heaters, available in optical grade polyester dielectric
  • Silicone rubber heaters, available in a variety of silicone rubber dielectric constructions including wearpad applications
  • Environmentally secure multi-layer construction with operating temperature range from -195 to +230 °C
  • Simple or complex shapes in a wide range of sizes engineered to bond direct to any surface or to custom heatsink assemblies
  • Prototype and production quantities with rapid prototyping service available within 48 hours
  • Special applications available in other dielectric materials (e.g. nomex) and wire wound heaters

Key Features:

Supply Voltage 0 to 240 VAC – For Other Voltages Please Contact AMS Technologies
Insulation Material Polyester Polyimide Kapton Silicone Rubber
Operating Temperature -55 to +105 °C -195 to +150 °C -195 to +150 °C -60 to +230 °C
Max. Wattage 2.0 to 3.0 W/cm2 5.0 W/cm2 5.0 W/cm2 8.0 W/cm2
Overall Thickness 150 µm 125 µm 125 µm 1,000 µm
Flexibility High Very High Very High Medium
Flammability Ratin Flame-retardant Material Systems to UL94 V-O Available
Thermal Protection On-board Thermal Fuse, Thermostat Thermistor and RTD Devices Are Available as Part of Your Thermal Management Solution
Lead Wires 22 AWG, High-temperature PTFE Insulation to BS 2G210, Operating Temperature Range -55 to +200 °C, Other Specifications Available on Request
Heatsink Assemblies Heaters Assembled with Pressure-sensitive Adhesive or Directly Bonded to Metal Heatsinks
Installation Detailed Installation Instructions Provided
Approvals UL, CE Marking, BS EN ISO 9001:2008; Product Manufactured to EN 60335-1 and EN 60950 Specifications


Applications: Surface Heating; Bond Direct to Any Surface or to Custom Heatsink Assemblies; Special Applications

Product Group: Flexible Heaters
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