redPOWER® PRISM OEM CW Fiber Lasers

redPOWER®PRISM OEM CW Fiber Lasers SPI Lasers
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1075-1080 nm; Linewidth Giving OEM integrators flexibility on their system design, SPI... more
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1075-1080 nm; Linewidth <10 nm; Max. Output Power 300-2,000 W; Un-polarized; Max. Modulation Frequency 50 kHz; Water-cooled

Giving OEM integrators flexibility on their system design, SPI Lasers’ redPOWER® PRISM OEM CW fiber laser modules deliver substantial commercial and performance gains over alternative technologies, offering them a substantial advantage.

redPOWER® PRISM OEM modules are ready to integrate into a system, provide powers in the range from 500 W to 2 kW with both single mode and multi mode variants available. For higher power multi-kW lasers, one or more single mode modules are combined with a multi-port high-power combiner (HPC) unit.

The system integrator adds value to these basic units by providing the DC Supply, a suitable enclosure, a controlled coolant supply and system level safety control. The complete range of units is designed to mount into an industry standard 19“ rack mount, giving a consistent look to the final laser and facilitating ease of enclosure sourcing.

Laser systems designed and built from redPOWER® PRISM OEM high-power lasers offer integrators the capability to manufacture equipment for cutting, welding and other material processing applications in the industrial/manufacturing sector while maintaining their own brand throughout.

These OEM laser modules combine single mode beam quality, high efficiency, fast modulation capability with features that allow ease of integration. A matched range of modules enables laser processing system integrators to easily build up the high-power fiber laser source that is meeting their requirements.

OEM integrators interested in this novel approach to being able to customize their systems with tightly integrated fiber lasers should contact AMS Technologies. This high value-add approach requires a deeper understanding of the laser drive and interfacing, and so integrators will need to avail themselves of training courses covering integration and service. Our experience is that this OEM approach works best for integrators producing more than 10 to 15 systems annually.

For applications requiring higher power levels, SPI Lasers also provides the redPOWER® QUBE series of CW fiber lasers with maximum output power of up to 10 kW. And for applications requiring high pulse energies, please refer to SPI Lasers’ redENERGY G4 series of high-energy pulsed fiber lasers, providing maximum pulse energies of up to 5 mJ and peak powers of up to 50 kW.

Key Features:

  • Lowest Cost Laser for High-volume Manufacturers
  • Opportunity for OEMs to Add Value – More Than a Laser Reseller
  • OEM Training Offerings for Field Servicing of Modules (Including Delivery Fiber)
  • High Stability, Repeatability & Reliability
  • CW Output Power: 300 W - 2 kW
  • Output Power Range: 10%-105%
  • Long Term Output Power Stability: ±2% Peak
  • Operating Modes: CW and Modulated
  • High Frequency Modulation: 50 kHz Max. Modulation Frequency
  • Wavelength: 1075-1080 nm
  • Linewidth: <10 nm
  • Polarization: Un-polarized
  • Min. Rise/Fall Time: <5/<6 µs
  • Single Mode (SM) and Multi Mode (MM) Fiber Delivery Options
  • Fiber Optic Beam Delivery: M² 1.1-1.3 (SM Fiber), 2.1-13 mm.mrad BPP (50-300 µm MM Fiber)
  • PIPA-Q Fiber Termination With Industry-standard Optomechanical Compatibility
  • Integral Patented Back-reflection Protection
  • Optional Integral Pulse Shaping Capability
  • Alignment Laser Wavelength: 630-680 nm (Class 2)
  • Nominal Power Supply Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Typical Current: 20-120 A
  • Coolant Temperature: 18-30 °C, 18-25 °C (2 kW Model)
  • Coolant Flow Rate: 3-20 l/min
  • Coolant Connections: 10 mm
  • Relative Humidity: 5-85%, +35 °C Max. Dew Point
  • 19” Rack Modular Design: Height 2U (88 mm), Width 445 mm, Depth 550 mm, 702 mm (1.5 and 2 kW Models)

Applications: Additive Manufacturing; Remote Cutting; Fast Thin Sheet Cutting; High-Speed Welding; Remote Welding; Cladding; Automotive; Advanced Manufacturing; General Fabrication

Product Group: CW Fiber Lasers
Manufacturer Series Name: redPOWER® PRISM OEM
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