Chromacity 1040 Femtosecond Laser

  • SW11928
1040 nm; Pulse Energy 5->35 nJ; Pulse Repetition Frequency 100 MHz; Pulse Duration 3.5 W... more
Product information "Chromacity 1040 Femtosecond Laser"

1040 nm; Pulse Energy 5->35 nJ; Pulse Repetition Frequency 100 MHz; Pulse Duration <150 fs; Output Power ≤0.5 ->3.5 W

Chromacity 1040 is a reliable, fixed wavelength, femtosecond laser source for two-photon microscopy that delivers ultrashort pulses with high average powers in the near-IR. Chromacity’s fiber-based femtosecond laser source allows to exploit the well-known advantages of Yb-doped fibers as gain media, while delivering high quality and high-power ultrashort pulses.

The 1040 nm femtosecond laser is ideal for multiphoton excitation (MPE) by coupling into microscope systems, empowering users to produce clear and high-resolution images, as a result of its excellent beam quality, ultrafast pulses and high average power levels. Learn how the femtosecond laser source is ideal for two-photon microscopy.

The Chromacity 1040 femtosecond laser is engineered with a custom-designed and temperature-controlled baseplate, providing an unprecedented level of ruggedness and reliability for this type of laser architecture.

The Chromacity 1040 is the next generation in femtosecond laser systems, which no longer need hours in set-up time. The light emitted from the laser originates from a single mode fiber, ensuring superior beam quality. This laser source does not require water cooling and comes with a simple user interface, making it one of the easiest laser sources to operate.

Key Features:

  • Compact Laser Housing
  • Air-cooled Operation
  • Intuitive Web Browser Interface
  • Power-efficient Laser Cavity (Low Power Consumption)
  • Low-, Mid-, and High-Power-Versions Available
  • Output Power: ≤0.5 W (Low-Power), 2.5 W (Mid-Power), >3.5 W (High-Power)
  • Wavelength: 1030 nm (Low-Power, 1040 nm (Mid-Power, High-Power)
  • Pulse Duration: <150 fs (Chirped Output Pulse Option Available)
  • Pulse Energy: 5 nJ (Low-Power), 25 nJ (Mid-Power), >35 nJ (High-Power)
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency: 100 MHz (Other Repetition Frequencies Available)
  • Beam Parameters: Free Space, M2 <1.2, Linearly Polarized, Divergence <2 mrad
  • TEM00 Beam Ideal for Coupling into a Range of Microscopes
  • Beam Diameter: 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm
  • Control Interface: Web Browser Interface, Ethernet and Serial Port (RS232) Also Available
  • Cooling: Air-cooled
  • Electrical: 110-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 80 W
  • Dimensions 1040 Module: 426 mm x 250 mm x 108 mm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions Control Unit: 483 mm x 285 mm x 88 mm (LxWxH, 19’’ 2U Rack-mount)

Applications: SHG and Multi-photon Microscopy; Light Sheet Microscopy; Optogenetics Imaging Experiments; Pump Source for Non-linear Optics (OPOs, SHG); THz Generation; Supercontinuum Generation; Time Resolved Experiments (e.g. TCSPC/FLIM)

Product Group: Femtosecond Laser
Manufacturer Series Name: Chromacity 1040
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