Credo Series Tunable High-repetition-rate Ti:Sa and Dye Pulsed Lasers

Credo Series Tunable High-repetition-rate Ti_Sa and Dye Pulsed Lasers Sirah Lasertechnik
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198-1050 nm; Average Power ≤60 W; Repetition Rate ≤150 kHz; Linewidth 0.05-5 cm-1; Pulse... more
Product information "Credo Series Tunable High-repetition-rate Ti:Sa and Dye Pulsed Lasers"

198-1050 nm; Average Power ≤60 W; Repetition Rate ≤150 kHz; Linewidth 0.05-5 cm-1; Pulse Duration 28-50 ns

Sirah Lasertechnik’s Credo Series of compact, solid-state, high-repetition-rate Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:Sa) or Dye lasers is designed for applications where a wide tuning range and high pulse intensity with narrow linewidth is needed.

The Credo Ti:Sa laser is pumped by an Empower 30 with adjustable pulse repetition rates between 1 kHz and 10 kHz at 527 nm, with pulse durations of approximately 120 ns. The long pump pulse duration will result in more than one pulse from the Credo Ti:Sa. Therefore, the laser’s cavity can use a Pockel‘s cell to generate a single powerful pulse.

The Credo Ti:Sa-10 kHz laser can be tuned over the full wavelength range without exchanging optics. If a wavemeter is used (HighFinesse for example), the laser can scan to a desired wavelength automatically.

The Credo Dye laser is a unique narrow bandwidth tunable laser designed for high repetition rate excitation. It features an ultra-low-threshold oscillator for high conversion efficiency at low pulse energies. Special dye cells combine rapid flow of the dye solution with high pump power capabilities. Repetition rates up to 150 kHz are possible. Average pump powers of up to 200 W can be used.

Syrah Lasertechnik’s Grating Lift adds an additional grazing-incidence grating to a Sirah pulsed dye laser resonator. By using two different line densities on the gratings, the laser‘s tuning range is extended, gaps in the tuning range caused by Wood‘s anomaly are closed. Linewidth and efficiencies are optimized for specific wavelength regions. The grating lift is compatible with long (90 mm) and short (60 mm) gratings. The precision mechanics result in identical specifications for absolute wavelength accuracy, stability and resetability as for the standard resonators.

For the extension of the Credo Series lasers’ tuning range into the blue spectral region, Credo Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) is used. The unit provides rotation stages for non-linear crystals and compensators. The entire unit is enclosed to protect it from dust and excessive humidity. It is possible to match two non-linear crystal for higher conversion efficiency. This option is recommended for pump power exceeding 80 W at 532 nm and 50 W at 355 nm.

The Double Bandwidth Option (DBO) permits operation of the Sirah pulsed dye laser resonator at two distinct bandwidths. A special prism expander allows to change the laser expansion onto the grazing incidence grating by a factor of 3.6. Thus, the dye laser linewidth can be switched from the Sirah's ultra narrow linewidth resonator limit, e.g. 0.03 cm-1 (1 pm), to an about four times higher bandwidth, here 0.11 cm -1 (3.6 pm). Applications are for example to adapt the laser linewidth better to the spectral properties of the species investigated in e.g. combustion research.

Key Features:

  • Tunable, High-repetition-rate Nanosecond Ti:Sapphire and Dye Lasers
  • Narrow Linewidth: Down to 1 pm
  • Pulsed Multi Mode Laser Radiation
  • Large Tuning Range: 198 nm to 900 nm (Dye), 206 nm to 1050 nm (Ti:Sa)
  • High Average Power: Up to 60 W
  • High Repetition Rate: Up to 10 kHz (Ti:Sa), up to 150 kHz (Dye)
  • Wavelength Extension with SHG, THG and FHG (Ti:Sa) to the UV Range
  • Modular Design
Credo Ti:Sa
Credo Ti:Sa-10 kHz
Credo Dye
Credo YHP
General Characteristics
Tuning Range
690 - 1010 nm
690 - 950 nm
370 - 920 nm
545 - 900 nm
Pulse Duration
approx. 30 ns
approx. 28 - 50 ns
30 - 35 ns (Typical)
Repetition Rate
1 - 3 kHz
3 - 10 kHz
10 kHz
Output Power
2.5 W (@ λpeak)
6.8 W (@ λpeak)
0.1 - 45 W
0.1 - 1.5 W
Beam Size
  1 mm (Typical)   0.8 x 2 mm   0.8 x 2 mm
 < 0.2 cm-1  < 6 GHz (One Etalon)  0.05 - 5 cm-1  0.06 - 5 cm-1
Beam Divergence
   < 1,5 mrad  0.5 - 1.0 mrad  1.0 mrad
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy
     <15 pm 
Wavelength Resetability
     <2 pm 
Wavelength Stability
     <1.5 pm/°C 
 510 x 537 x 312 mm  494 x 650 x 280 mm  537 x 1110 x 312 mm 
 Water Required for Crystal (<20 W)  Water Required for Ti:Sa Crystals Cooling, 50 W Cooling Power  For Dye Solvent 300 W (Resonator), 600 W (Resonator & Amplifier)  300 W (Resonator Only)
 Dust-free Air (Flow Box)   
Power Supply
 110 - 230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz   
Computer Control
 XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, USB Port   
Pockel's Cell for Single Pulse Generation
 X  -    
Internal Open Loop Frequency Doubling
 X  -   X   X
 -  up to 25% (of Fundamental)    
  -  up to 13% (of Fundamental and SHG)    
  -  up to 9% (of SHG)    
Linear Polarisation
  -  Vertical / Horizontal  >98% (Vertical)  >98% (Vertical)
Second Etalon - for 1 GHz Linewidth
  -  X    
Purge Unit - for Dust-free Air and Low Humidity
  -  X    
Amplifier for High-energy Systems
Automatic Exchange of Gratings
Double Bandwidth Option
Double Wavelength Pump Optic
UV Boost Frequency Conversion


Applications: Atmospheric Research; Combustion Research; Material Science; Semiconductor Technology; Environmental Analysis

Product Group: Tunable High-repetition-rate Ti:Sa and Dye Pulsed Lasers
Manufacturer Series Name: Credo Series
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