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Beamsplitters are optical components splitting an incident light beam into two parts. Beam... more
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Beamsplitters are optical components splitting an incident light beam into two parts. Beam splitters take on many forms: cubes, plates, hexagons, pentagons, polarizing, non-polarizing (usually somewhere in between), narrowband, broadband, dielectric, air-spaced, metal, cemented, optically contacted (epoxy-free bonding), a.s.o.

If you are looking for a customized beamsplitter that exactly meets your specific performance and cost requirements, please get in touch with the AMS Technologies beamsplitter experts. Our supplier LightMachinery is extremely experienced with specifying, designing and manufacturing custom beamsplitters using the company’s patented fluid jet polishing (FJP) technology that allows the adjustment of the beamsplitter’s shape and flatness to within a few nanometers. We are looking forward to discussing your customized beamsplitter solution!

Together with our supplier LightMachinery, it is our job at AMS Technologies to help you sort out the specifications of your customized beamsplitter. Some of the key parameters to think about are wavelength range, polarization and physical size requirements. For instance, P polarization is much more inclined to transmit at large angles (in the 45° range). The challenge for coating designers is to adjust the transmission of the two polarizations to meet the specific requirements of your custom beamsplitter.

Also, if the beamsplitter will be used inside an interferometer, you may need to consider path length and phase matching requirements. It is always good if you can explain how you will be using your beamsplitter, it can really help us to define out your requirements.

Due to multiple requests for a very accurate beamsplitter, AMS Technologies is offering two standard LightMachinery precision cube beam splitters with angles good down to 1 arcmin and surfaces flat to λ/10. While the OP-5119 beamsplitter is suitable for the 400 to 900 nm wavelength range in the visible (VIS) spectrum, the OP-5120 beamsplitter is optimized for infrared (IR) wavelengths from 800 to 1750 nm. However, do not hesitate to contact AMS Technologies to discuss and specify your custom beamsplitter in detail!

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