LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023, Munich, Germany, 27 to 30 June 2023

Every two years, key players and decision-makers come to Munich to meet at the industry’s most important marketplace, LASER World of PHOTONICS. The show gives participants from more than 70 countries a complete overview of all topics that pertain to photonics).


Photonics solutions @ AMS Technologies booth B2.203

Your photonic system concept is already set, and you are looking for a precisely matched component? Or you know exactly what the photonics challenge is, but are still in search of the right system strategy? At the AMS Technologies booth you will find answers to all your questions about photonic components, assemblies or complete photonics solutions. Come and see our broad spectrum of solutions, ranging from light sources such as lasers to optical components such as lenses, filters, mirrors, fibers, fiber components and optomechanics all the way to detectors, cameras and equipment for optical test, tools and measurement.

Take this opportunity to talk to our photonics experts to discuss your customized solution, tailored exactly to your project’s requirements. We will find a solution – either by customizing a product of our wide range of specialized photonics suppliers, or by developing your solution from scratch in our dedicated photonics design center, providing all services from concept, simulation, prototyping and test to subcontracting or serial production.

Thermal management of photonics

Do you know exactly what you are you looking for to cool down your laser? Or you know that your laser needs to be cooled and you are searching for the most appropriate cooling technology? AMS Technologies can provide an answer to both tasks. On one side, we carry a wide portfolio of components such as cold plates for laser water cooling, thermoelectric coolers (TECs) for cooling laser diodes and heat exchangers up to proprietary, CE-certified mini recirculating chillers or mini air coolers.

On the other side, our design center can develop complete solutions for different cooling tasks:

  • Evaluation kits are used as a starting point for the development of custom systems that are tailored to the application requirements
  • Completely new solutions for air, liquid or direct cooling can be designed, tested, prototyped and produced in our manufacturing facilities.

Discover our new manufacturing partners and state-of-the-art optical technologies

In addition, we will exhibit a selection of our wide portfolio of optical components, subsystems and systems. The focus will be on our new technology partners (like, for example, GH Optics and Chromacity) and on new technologies for quantum applications, including highly sensitive "single photon counting devices" or entangled photon sources. Learn more about our partners: manufacturing partners.

Contact us to arrange an appointment at our booth at Laser World oh Photonics 2023

Our sales engineers from all European sales office (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) as well as the management team will be available to meet and discuss your project and requirements. If you would like to arrange already now an appointment, please send an email to or send a request via our contact form. We will be pleased to send a free entry ticket to customers who prebook an appointment with us.


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