Optics & Photonics Sweden 2023 by Photonics Sweden, KTH-Electricum in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden, 17th-19th October 2023

Optics & Photonics Sweden 2023 is an event organized by Photonics Sweden, which brings together companies working in the area of optics and photonics in Sweden. For further information please visit the event website:


High-end products from leading-edge manufacturers

Azpect Photonics is a company that operates within the AMS Technologies group and focuses on serving the industrial and research markets in Scandinavia. We offer a diverse range of products sourced from various manufacturers in the fields of optical technologies and thermal management.

The focus of our exhibits will be on

  • Scientific cameras Excelitas PCO GmbH
  • Low-light-level Ddtection/single photon counting modules from Excelitas Technologies Corp
  • The Pacto compact spectrometer from Avantes
  • Our proprietary very compact chiller with 450 W of cooling capacity (mRC-C-450-240 mini Recirculating Chiller)

 Contact us to arrange an appointment with our team

Come and meet our sales manager Aymen Yangui! If you would like to arrange already now an appointment, please send an email to info@amstechnologies.com or send a request via our contact form.


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