PICs post-processing demos: polishing and video inspection

At our booth B2.203 at LWoP 2023 in Munich interested visitors can experience first-hand the polishing and inspection process of PICs in a live demo. Waveguides from Femtoprint will be polished and inspected by a fully automated polishing system from KrellTech incorporating a video inspection module.

Improved quality of the PIC end surface

The performance of a PIC can be impacted by the quality of its end surface, necessitating the use of high-quality polishing equipment. The end surface of the PIC is a critical surface which needs to be as flat as possible and free of defects like spots or scratches in order to ensure that the component will make a good physical and electrical contact with the printed circuit board.

The NOVA Automated Polishing System can be configured to polish waveguides, optical chips, PLCs and fiber arrays. The endface angles of polished surfaces can be varied from 0 to 50 degrees with either manual or automated workholder stages. The component mounting plate of NOVA™ can be adjusted to fit edges of different widths and thicknesses.

  • Polishing of PICs of various sizes using workholder fixtures featuring flexible holding mechanisms
  • Precise material stock removal can be achieved through micrometer-level control of component positioning relative to the polishing surface
  • Minimized back-reflection via polishing waveguides at user-defined angles.

Real-time in-line inspection of polished surfaces

The Nova Surface Inspection Module is incorporated into the polishing platform. The in-line inspection of polished surfaces while the component is still loaded in the polisher minimizes material handling and enables to confirm endface quality before removing the component from the machine.

  • monitoring the polishing process in real-time
  • inspecting the quality of polished surfaces.

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