AMS Technologies Amplifies Customized Photonics Solutions Through Acquisition of neoLASE

AMS Technologies, a leader in providing cutting-edge photonics and thermal solutions, proudly announces its acquisition of neoLASE, a manufacturer of high brilliance, diode pumped, solid-state lasers. The strategic partnership expands AMS Technologies’ engineering expertise and customization capabilities for DPSS lasers, electronics and cooling solutions, enabling to offer all-in-one photonic system solutions.

Tailor-made photonics solutions built to match customer specifications

The acquisition of neoLASE significantly amplifies AMS Technologies' capabilities to engineer and deliver photonic solutions, allowing tailoring high-power laser systems that are not available on the market. The laser systems are meticulously built to exact customer specifications, offering selectable pulse duration, repetition rate and output power while ensuring excellent beam quality.

"At AMS Technologies, we are more than just laser providers; we are “photon jugglers” dedicated to crafting precision solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs," says Jan Meise, CEO at AMS Technologies. "Whenever your laser runs out of steam, neoLASE holds a high degree of qualification and competence to enhance it. The modular concept of amplifier kits allows accomplishing a variety of different laser parameters and therefore addressing a lot of different industrial, medical and scientific applications”.

Shared passion for innovation & technical expertise around lasers

The synergy between AMS Technologies and neoLASE is deeply rooted in the shared passion for innovation and technical expertise. AMS Technologies has a broad knowledge in lasers, with a dedicated design center for pulsed DPSS lasers, complemented by an extensive portfolio through manufacturing partners from the distribution business. neoLASE, located in Hannover’s photonics cluster, has a long-term expertise in DPSS laser amplification for a lot of different seeders and offers MOPA systems from nano to femtosecond pulse duration. neoLASE’s solid-state lasers are designed for 1064/1030/1940 and 2050 nm applications along with higher harmonics, and feature compactness and rugged system designs.

The place-to-go for photonic solutions

Maik Frede, the founder and Managing Director of neoLASE, joining AMS Technologies as VP of Engineering, reflects on the importance of this acquisition: “Our mission is to extend beyond just providing products. We aim to develop lasting partnerships and establish ourselves as the primary source for specialized, customizable photonic solutions from a dedicated, singular provider.”

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