XU8800 U-Shaped X-Ray Line Scan Cameras

XU8800 U-Shaped X-Ray Line Scan Cameras X-Scan Imaging
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U-Shaped CMOS Photodiode Detector Array; Pixel Pitch 0.4, 0.8 mm; X-Ray Energy 40-160 kV;... more
Product information "XU8800 U-Shaped X-Ray Line Scan Cameras"

U-Shaped CMOS Photodiode Detector Array; Pixel Pitch 0.4, 0.8 mm; X-Ray Energy 40-160 kV; Length 1,491-4,626 mm; Line Period ≥0.44-≥1.8 ms; Scan Velocity ≤13-≤109 m/min

The XU8800 Series “U” shaped Line-scan Camera utilizes the same detector chip technology as the XI8800 Falcon series and provides an ideal solution for tire inspection applications. At the heart of a XU8800 camera are X-Scan Imaging’s CMOS silicon imaging detector array chips providing wide dynamic range and solid-state reliability. The Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) vision interface option provides long cable lengths for convenience.

Each XU8800 U-shaped camera system includes a unique camera body, software development kit, power adapter and cabling. A recommended frame-grabber which can be installed in the computer is offered as an option.

In a typical tire inspection application, the treads and sidewalls of a rotating tire intersect the x-rays radiating from the x-ray source and directed to the camera body. A wide selection of scintillation materials is available for converting x-ray radiation into visible light for detection by the imaging array, which optimizes both sensitivity and image resolution.

Key Features:

  • U-Shape Optimized for Tire Inspection
  • Rounded Corners for Reduced Corner Distortions
  • Integrated X-Scan Imaging Proprietary Detectors
  • Standard Energy Range: 40 to 160 kV, High-energy Versions Available
  • Wide Selection of Resolutions: 0.05 to 1.6 mm
  • Software-selectable Resolution
  • Low Noise
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • High X-Ray Sensitivity
  • High MTF
  • 16-bit Analog-to-Digital Conversion
  • Scan Rates: >2,000 lines/s
  • Variable Scan Speeds With Position Synchronization
  • Software Development Kit, Including Device Drivers, Libraries and Standard API
  • X-Ray Inspection Software With Standard Features
  • Compact & Rugged Housing With Minimal Cabling
  • Modular Design for Expeditious Customization of Length and Shape
  • Total Detector Length: 1,491 to 4,626 mm
  • Maximum Scan Velocity: 13 to 109 m/min
  • Minimum Line Period: 0.44 to 1.8 ms

Applications: Tire Inspection; X-Ray Inspection Using Panoramic X-Ray Sources

Product Group: X-Ray Line Scan Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: XU8800 U-Shaped
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