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Lens Power 0 to 0.5 m-1; 488 to 3500 nm; Polarization Linear; Response Frequency ≤10 kHz; Beam... more
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Lens Power 0 to 0.5 m-1; 488 to 3500 nm; Polarization Linear; Response Frequency ≤10 kHz; Beam Radius 3 mm

NTT Advanced Technology provides the world’s highest speed varifocal, with a focal length that can be varied in a matter of micro seconds by supplying voltage to the KTN crystal. This speed is 100 times faster than that of a conventional varifocal lens. A 3-D image can be obtained by changing the focal length continuously or shifting it instantly.

There is concern about the environmental impact of varifocal lenses, that make use of PLZT piezoelectric characteristics containing lead, at the time of disposal, and in the EU region the restriction of the use of such lens by RoHS Directives is under discussion. NTT Advanced Technology’s varifocal lens uses lead-free KTN material and is an environmentally friendly component – to be used without such concerns.

The KTN varifocal lens works as a convex lens and the focal length is varied in proportion to the square of the supplied voltage. It has been confirmed that the varifocal lens can be applied to various fields because a voltage of 1 kV can result in a focal length shift of 4 cm in a lens with f = 25 cm.

Key Features:

  • High Response Frequency up to 10 kHz
  • Broad Wavelength Range 488 to 3500 nm
  • Beam Radius 3 mm

Applications: Biological Microscopes; Various Types of Experiments; Laser Processing; 3-D Measurement Devices

Product Group: Varifocal Lenses
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