Vacuum and Gas-Filled Relays

Vacuum and Gas-Filled Relays Jennings Technology
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Electromagnetic Type; Actuator Voltage 12 to 24 VDC; Load Switching Current 3 to 110 A RMS;... more
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Electromagnetic Type; Actuator Voltage 12 to 24 VDC; Load Switching Current 3 to 110 A RMS; Maximum Switching Voltage 4 to 50 kV

A pioneer in the development of the original high voltage vacuum relay, Jennings Technology is still recognised around the world as a leading manufacturer of high voltage relays today. Jennings’ relays are noted for fast operating speeds and the ability to withstand high voltages and carry heavy currents (at frequencies up to 75 MHz), while maintaining low and stable contact resistance.

Jennings vacuum relays are available in SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw) normally open (N/O) and normally closed (N/C) models up to 33 kV, as well as SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) configurations up to 30 kV and gas filled relays up to 70 kV. Latching relays are available in some models.

The reliability of Jennings vacuum relays is second to none; many of these relays have guaranteed life ratings set in the multi-million cycle range. The relays' reliability coupled with their small size and high power handling characteristics make the use of Jennings relays in any mission critical application an obvious choice. Many of Jennings relays are fully Mil-Spec rated.

Vacuum is the ideal dielectric for high voltage relay switching. It has extremely high voltage breakdown characteristics, a fast recovery rate (up to 10 kV per millisecond) and it provides an absolutely inert and non-reactive environment for switching contacts.

If a load is switched, an arc will form. This arc will have a very low voltage of 18 to 23 V and be quite stable in comparison to an arc in air, which is another advantage of vacuum. The vacuum relay constant arc voltage acts as a current limiter and, in combination with the short arc time, generally offers less wear than other types of relays.

Key Features:

  • Extremely High Voltage Breakdown Characteristics
  • Available in SPST N/O and N/C Models as well as SPDT Configurations
  • Latching Relays Available in Some Models
  • Contacts Remain Oxidation-free
  • Small, Low-mass Actuators for High Operating Speeds
  • Very Low Arc Voltage: 18 to 23 V
  • Less Wear Than Other Types of Relays
  • Test Voltage (at 60 Hz): 4 to 50 kV Peak
  • Max. Continuous Current: 3 to 110 A RMS

Applications: Airborne, Mobile and Marine Communications Equipment; Antenna Coupling; Tap Changing on RF Coils; Transmit/Receive Switching to an Antenna; Switching in Pulse-forming Networks; Heavy-duty Power Supplies

Product Group: Vacuum and Gas-Filled Relays
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