VAC Fiber Vacuum Pressure Feedthroughs

VAC Fiber Vacuum Pressure Feedthroughs OZ Optics
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Gas Leak Rate OZ Optics’ VAC series of fiber optic vacuum pressure feedthroughs provide a... more
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Gas Leak Rate <1 x 10-8 scc/s; Fiber Type SM, MM, PM, High-Power Fibers; Cladding Diameter 125 to 1000 µm; Sealant Teflon, Viton; Operating Temperature -180 to +230 °C

OZ Optics’ VAC series of fiber optic vacuum pressure feedthroughs provide a simple way to use optical fibers with vacuum and pressure chambers. They are available in two versions - a penetrating feedthrough fiber version and a receptacle style version.

Penetrating versions have the fibers directly installed. One or four fiber versions are available. The fibers are installed in the OZ Optics factory. The fibers pass through a soft sealant material which is compressed by the compressive endcap and internal squeezer of the feedthrough. This conforms the sealant material surrounding the fiber, sealing the hole.

A variety of sealant materials can be used. Viton is recommended for most applications up to +230 °C, and Teflon for cryogenic applications. A 1/4” NPT thread vacuum feedthrough is our standard. 1/8” NPT thread is also available for single channel assemblies with no connectors. In penetrating versions, the fiber can be protected in 900 µm loose tubing or a 3 mm OD stainless steel cable.

The receptacle style version contains a short fiber stub, which is sealed using a vacuum rated glue. An O-ring is used between the chamber wall and the flange to seal the system. Adapters for various standard connectors are available.

Key Features:

  • Vacuum or Pressure Seal;
  • Fiber in Penetrating Style Can Be Protected in Loose Tubing or Stainless Steel Cable
  • Rugged Design
  • Compact
  • Low Transmission Loss (Excluding Connector Losses)
  • Easy Installation
  • Wide Range of Connector Types
  • Single Fiber and Four Fiber Penetrating Versions Available
  • Receptacle or Penetrating Type Available
  • Operating Temperature Receptacle Type: -35 to +90 °C
  • Operating Temperature Penetrating Type: -20 to 230 °C (Viton), -180 to +230 °C (Teflon)

Applications: Laser Power Delivery or Optical Sensing in a Pressure or Vacuum Chamber

Product Group: Fiber Vacuum Pressure Feedthroughs
Manufacturer Series Name: VAC
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