USB2.0 2048 Pixel High-speed CCD Line Cameras

USB2.0 2048 Pixel High-speed CCD Line Cameras Mightex
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2 MP; Pixel Size 14x14 µm; B/W; 3300 fps; Resolution 12 bit; USB 2.0; Buffered; External... more
Product information "USB2.0 2048 Pixel High-speed CCD Line Cameras"

2 MP; Pixel Size 14x14 µm; B/W; 3300 fps; Resolution 12 bit; USB 2.0; Buffered; External Trigger; 300-1050 nm; Board-level or Enclosed; Windowless Version Available

Mightex’s TCN/TCE-1209-U series are cost-effective, high-performance, monochrome line CCD cameras with external trigger, based on a single-line, 2048-pixel, 12 bit CCD chip with USB2.0 (480 Mbit/s) interface. These compact linear cameras are ideal for a variety of OEM applications in industry process control, optics, biology, spectroscopy and reflection imaging – available as “naked” board-level device (TCN-1209-U) or pre-mounted in an enclosure (TCE-1209-U), also in a windowless version (TCE-1209-UW) with the glass window removed from the image sensor.

CCD line cameras have several advantages over their area-array counterparts, including the high optical linear resolution that allows systems developers to use the cameras to capture two-dimensional (2-D) images by moving the object or the CCD perpendicularly to the scan line.

Setting up the TCN/TCE-1209-U line cameras is very easy: the user simply installs the application software (included in the shipping package) and then connects the line camera to the PC using a USB cable. There is no need to install a DAC card, and no external power supply is required. A full-featured SDK and a Linux driver are also available.

Note: Board-level cameras are designed for OEM applications, when a system-level enclosure is usually provided. In order to avoid electro-static discharge (ESD) related damages, workforce handling a board-level camera should be properly grounded. ESD related damages are considered as mishandling and are not covered by product warranty. For lab use, it is strongly recommended to choose an enclosed camera instead of a board-level one.

Key Features:

  • Black&White (B/W, Monochrome)
  • Built-in Frame Buffer (64 Frames)
  • Board-level or Enclosed Versions Available
  • Optional F-mount Lens Adapter
  • 2048 Square Pixel Silicon Linear CCD Array
  • Pixel Size: 14 x 14 μm
  • 12-bit A/D-Converter for High-intensity Resolution
  • High Scan Rate (up to 3,300 Scans/s)
  • Spectral Range: 200 to 1000 nm
  • 4 GPIO Pins
  • USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s) Compatible, No Need for External Power Supply
  • Optical Integration Time Adjustable from 300 µs to 3.3 s
  • External Trigger Capability
  • SDK for User Applications
  • USB Command Set Protocol for Non-Windows-based Applications
  • Linux Driver
  • Demo Graphical User Interface
  • Compatible to Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7/8/10

Applications: Industrial Process Control; Machine Vision

Product Group: CCD and CMOS Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: USB2.0 2048 Pixel High-speed
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