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370-920 nm; Linewidth 1.0-150 pm; Wavelength Accuracy Sirah Lasertechnik’s range of... more
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370-920 nm; Linewidth 1.0-150 pm; Wavelength Accuracy <15-<500 pm; Wavelength Stability <1.5-<10 pm/°C; Divergence 0.4-1 mrad

Sirah Lasertechnik’s range of Littman design based narrow bandwidth tunable dye lasers feature highest precision and energies. These pulsed dye lasers are the standard for all applications in atomic and molecular spectroscopy.

All of Sirah Lasertechnik’s tunable narrow-bandwidth pulsed lasers feature precision mechanics for ultimate wavelength accuracy and are engineered for user-friendly reliable operation. Cobra, Cobra-Stretch and PrecisionScan dye lasers provide high pulse energies and feature an integrated auto-tracker, automatic grating exchange for no gaps in the tuning range and optimal efficiency as well as operation from both sides or remotely via handheld remote control. The user can exchange these lasers’ dye cells without the need for special tools.

Sirah Lasertechnik’s Double Dye laser combines two completely independent PrecisionScan lasers into a single housing. Each of the lasers can be pumped by different pump laser pulses and set to operate at different wavelengths. Like the PrecisonScan the Double Dye Laser is available with single or double gratings as well as a grating lift. A frequency conversion stage for each laser can be integrated into the system. However, the dimensions of the system fit to common door openings. Both lasers of the double dye system are accessed and operated from one side.

The Piezo Wavelength Control (PWC) option for Sirah Lasertechnik‘s pulsed dye laser resonators allows to alternate the laser wavelength for successive laser pulses. This option uses a piezoelectric transducer which is mounted to the resonator‘s tuning element. The latter can either be a mirror or a grating. The transducer acts on a special lever mechanism to amplify the piezo movement such that substantial wavelength detuning is achieved. The exact detuning depends on the resonator configuration and on the wavelength region.

The Grating Lift adds an additional grazing-incidence grating to a Sirah Lasertechnik pulsed dye laser resonator. By using two different line densities on the gratings, the laser‘s tuning range is extended and gaps in the tuning range caused by Wood‘s anomaly are closed. Linewidth and efficiencies are optimized for specific wavelength regions. The grating lift is compatible with long (90 mm) and short (60 mm) gratings. It fits into standard pulsed dye laser resonators (Cobra-Stretch, PrecisionScan) and high-repetition-rate resonators (Credo Dye) as well. The precision mechanics result in identical specifications for absolute wavelength accuracy, stability and resetability as for the standard resonators.

The Double Bandwidth Option (DBO) permits operation of the Sirah Lasertechnik pulsed dye laser resonator at two distinct bandwidths. A special prism expander allows to change the laser expansion onto the grazing incidence grating by a factor of 3.6. Thus, the dye laser linewidth can be switched from the ultra-narrow linewidth resonator limit, e.g. 0.03 cm-1 (1 pm), to an about four times higher bandwidth, here 0.11 cm-1 (3.6 pm). Applications are for example to better adapt the laser linewidth to the spectral properties of the species investigated in e.g. combustion research. DBO is available for the complete line of Sirah Lasertechnik pulsed dye resonators.

Key Features:

  • Nanosecond Pulsed
  • Multi Mode
  • Laser Tuning Range: 370 - 920 nm
  • Repetition Rate: 1 - 100 Hz
  • Precision Mechanics: Ultimate Wavelength Accuracy
  • Perfect Engineering: User-friendly, Reliable Operation
  • Maximum Performance: High Pulse Energies
  • Automatic Grating Exchange: No Gaps in Tuning-Range, Always Optimal Efficiency
  • Handheld Remote Control
  • Operation from Both Sides
  • Tool-Free Exchange of Dye Cells
  • Integrated Auto-tracker
  Cobra Cobra-Stretch Precision Scan Double Dye
Wavelength and Beam Characteristics   
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy <15 pm (Prism Models: 0.5 nm)
<15 pm <20 pm
Wavelength Resetability <2 pm (Prism Models: 0.05 nm)
<2 pm <4 pm
Wavelength Stability <1.5 pm/°C (Prism Models: 10 pm/°C)
<1.5 pm/°C  <2 pm/°C 
Divergence (Typical)

1 mrad

1.0 mrad (0.4 mrad With Main Amplifier)

0.4 mrad 0.5 mrad
Polarization >98% (Vertical)
Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) <0.5%
Pump Energies (Grating Models)

8-150 mJ @532 nm
8-130 mJ @355 nm 

 Pump Energies (Prism Models)

8-230 mJ @532 nm
8-210 mJ @355 nm

X  X  X 
 Pump Energies X 

8-650 mJ @532 nm
8-400 mJ @355 nm 

50-1,400 mJ @532 nm
50-1,000 mJ @355 nm 

50-650 mJ @532 nm
50-400 mJ @355 nm 

Main Amplifier for Higher Output Energy X  √  X   X  
Double Wavelength Pump Optic (532 nm, 355 nm) X X 
Frequency Doubling/Mixing Units (External Housing) X X X
Autotracking Frequency Doubling/Mixing Units (Ext. H.) X X X
External Mixing Units X X X
Automatic Exchange of Gratings
Second Main Amplifier for Higher Output Energy X X -
Internal Autotracking Frequency Doubling X X
Internal Open-loop Frequency Doubling/Mixing Units X X
Piezo Wavelength Control
Dynamic Mode Option
Double Bandwidth Option


Applications: Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

Product Group: Tunable Narrow-bandwidth Pulsed Lasers
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