TSMJ/TMMJ/TPMJ Tapered & Lensed Fibers

TSMJ_TMMJ_TPMJ Tapered & Lensed Fibers OZ Optics
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Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; 400 to 2000 nm; Focused Spot Size 2.0 to 6.5 µm; Working Distance 3 to... more
Product information "TSMJ/TMMJ/TPMJ Tapered & Lensed Fibers"

Fiber Type SM, MM, PM; 400 to 2000 nm; Focused Spot Size 2.0 to 6.5 µm; Working Distance 3 to 30 µm; Minimum Strip Distance 5 mm; Return Loss -20 dB Standard, -25 dB With AR Coating

OZ Optics TSMJ/TMMJ/TPMJ series of tapered and lensed fibers offers a convenient way to improve coupling between optical fibers and waveguide devices, laser diodes or photo diodes. By laser shaping the fiber end, the light can be transformed to improve mode matching and coupling efficiency with the waveguide device, laser diode chip or photodiode chip.

The manufacturing process allows for improved coupling to either circular or oval input spots (this must be specified in advance). OZ Optics tapered and lensed fibers are manufactured by laser shaping the endface to create the optimal light output/input for specific applications. This method provides the best coupling efficiencies and mode matching abilities in a taper.

An alternative technique is to instead polish the end face of the fiber to a specific radius and taper angle, forming a lens. Oval spots can also be formed using the polishing technique, normally by shaping the fiber to form a chisel or wedge shape.

Single mode (SM), multi mode (MM) or Panda type polarization maintaining (PM) fibers can be tapered. For multi mode fibers, only polished versions with a polish radius and taper angle can be produced. OZ Optics can also generate other polish profiles, such as wedge shapes, which are useful for coupling strip laser diodes into multimode fibers.

In general, OZ Optics uses polarization maintaining fibers based on the PANDA fiber structure when building polarization maintaining (PM) components and patch cords. However, OZ Optics can construct devices using other PM fiber structures. OZ Optics also carries some alternative fiber types in stock, please contact AMS Technologies for availability. If necessary, OZ Optics is willing to use customer supplied fibers to build devices.

Custom configurations can be designed if required. Tapered fibers can be incorporated into other OZ Optics assemblies including the HSMJ, HMMJ, HPMJ series of hermetically sealable patchcords with metal solder, the HGSMJ/HGMMJ/HGPMJ series of hermetically sealable patchcords with glass solder or the VGA series of V-Groove assemblies, thus aiding in the development of photonic devices that meet Telcordia requirements. Contact AMS Technologies for more information on your customized tapered fiber project.

Key Features:

  • Wide Wavelength Range: 400 to 2000 nm, Other Wavelengths on Demand
  • Improved Coupling to and from Waveguides, Laser Diodes and Photodiodes
  • Single Mode (SM), Multi Mode (MM) or Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fibers
  • Anti Reflection (AR) Coated Endfaces Available
  • Can be Made Based on Either Spot Size or Taper Shape
  • Metalized Fiber Versions Available
  • Hermetically Sealable Versions Available
  • Other Custom Configurations Available
  • Chisel and Wedged Shaped End Faces Available

Applications: Active Component Pigtailing; DWDM Devices; Waveguide Packaging; MEMS Device Connections; Miniaturized Fiber Optic Components; Coupling to Circular or Elliptical Beam Outputs

Product Group: Tapered & Lensed Fibers
Manufacturer Series Name: TSMJ/TMMJ/TPMJ
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